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Donna Quinn

  • sheesh

    Red Lobster with Rodel (mmmmmmm…cheddar biscuits) then home. We’re lame, but awesome at the same time.

  • snowshoecat

    Had a single Glenkitty, a fine single malt, and then to bed early. Missed the new year in every American time zone.

  • StaceySuperfly

    Kicked back enjoying a Jalapeno Bloody Mary….must kill the Cherry Moonshine rot gut I got last night when my spawn boollied me into drinking last night! Cheers!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Yummmmmm, cheese. I’ve gone all classy, so I was drinking Manhattans. Tying the cherry stem into a knot is beyond my skills, however so I’m gonna have to YouTube that. I’m sure there’s an instructional video on there somewhere.

    Happy New Year! I trust everyone came through amateur hour unscathed.

  • Classy drunk

    Ha! There’s a link on here to 37 child actors who grew up to be ugly! Who does that during the holidays *clicks link to laugh at ugly people*

  • Classy drunk

    Having champs of course! Cheers all!

  • cattyfan

    Making cheese tartlets and hot & spicy cheese puffs to share with you. What are y’all drinking?