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Donna Quinn

  • sheesh

    Man, I miss you guys!

  • snowshoecat

    Yeah. The fun part is that I don’t miss a thing. Okay, I get a lot of “Ditto” and “Thank you for ‘capping,___________”, but I send along the good ones. You can see that there are many, many, many.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I can see by reading the hilarious monthly compilations that I’m missing out on some deliciously bad TV. I’ll have to cut back on my naps.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Hell yeah! We’re equal opportunity snarkers.

  • Yay, I was squeezed in again :). I just can’t compete with you hilarious gasmii/trashiis

  • vallegirl

    Thank you, Aunt Dorsey, for repping Boardwalk Empire in the best comments. It’s not all teeth gnashing and wailing. We have fun, dammit!