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Lying and deceit are my stock in trade. Not only am I English, but I'm incredibly sexy too. I'm an atheist who works in marketing, so its a good job I'm an atheist. I've gone freelance again, despite the fact that the last time I tried that I nearly starved to death. So in about three weeks, that guy at the bins, that'll be me. Check out my occasional Blog at www.redmeph.com
  • Moffatt just tried to do to much in one episode. It was very poorly written. The “space pope” character was actually named Tasha Lem and many whovians theorize that she is River Song from the mainframe of the library (I don’t completely buy it). If you notice Clara’s grandmother recites meeting her husband and her son disagrees with her…she is wearing the same ring Amy has on when she walks down the stairs of the Tardis. Supposedly Amy couldn’t have more children after River, so how does that work?
    Clara also forgot rule #1: The Doctor lies.
    I understand why he had Amy come down the stairs “the first and last face he saw” but I wish it had been River.
    Please Capaldi…don’t suck.
    BTW if this site keeps recapping, I’ll keep reading it.

  • Slickery

    English and Welsh is even better. I suspect though that you are very young and I am not so much.

    When RTD ran the show they still dealt with the romance thing. But they built to it more, I think. Rose with 9 (pretend there’s a rant about what a git CE is here) seemed like an understandable crush and she was still sort of with Mickey. Rose really fell for the Doctor when he became 10. I didn’t like the end with 10, the whole “if this is the last time” thing because I didn’t actually buy he loved her. But I kind of liked the 10mark2 with Rose thing just because it allowed both sides of the fandom to get what they wanted. (Plus I thought it meant Rose was gone forever but oh well.)

    I sort of agree with what you are saying about every companion having to address the romance thing and it taking agency away from the women. Though I think that sadly in this era you just have to address it or the fans will never shut up. At least with RTD you had Captain Jack trying to shag everything that didn’t stand still and multiple gay and mixed race couples in episodes. SM runs very hetero-normative and no mixed race couples I can think of. RTD’s Who felt inclusive and SM’s who feels exclusive.

    This article articulates really well my issues with 11/Moffat. And it’s a shame because Matt Smith is really charming and talented.

  • Danator

    Was anyone else bothered in the beginning of the episode when the Doctor agreed to be Clara’s boyfriend randomly and threw in some sex inuendo’s before he understood he was only agreeing to be a pretend boyfriend? It was weird. Especially when you think about how he sees her as a daughter. It made me all squirmy and uncomfortable.

    I also missed River here too but I think she got her proper goodbye on Trenzalore, but still the goodbye with Amy was… not well paced. Staring at her running around as a child and staring at her face one last time then SUDDENLY new doctor was… jarring. And not in a cool “oh that’s creative television right there” way. Just weird.

    On and Redmeph If you posted regular Doctor Who recaps I would most certainly read them by the way 🙂

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Thanks for the great link. Definitely worth doing.

  • Redmeph

    I do live in the UK, and I had no idea about that so thank you.I’m definitely trying that out -Shakespeare online!Fantastic!

  • Percysowner

    I recently missed the chance to see them in a Shakespeare play together, I’ve been gnashing my teeth for months.

    It’s obviously not live but http://www.digitaltheatreplus.com/productions/much-ado-about-nothing digital theater has the production and they have a 2 week free trial. It sounds like you may be in the UK, but if not the trailer runs in the US and they take US credit cards, if you’re not in the UK.

  • Redmeph

    You raise a lot of points that hit home, as far as I’m concerned.

    First, I hate to disappoint you but I’m only half-Welsh (despite what my Welsh Grandad said on our first trip to the pub, at 13 no less – some stereotypes about the south Welsh in particular are true) and half English. I speak with an English accent, although when I get excited it tends to change into a south Welsh accent. So if I don’t like someone, I sound like John Major. And if i do, I sound like a Welsh John Major, erm…that went wrong somewhere. And it’s wholly untrue, I’m a 2nd bass if I’m anything. Not that I can sing properly, my bloody father can sing first bass to tenor, the git.

    I had completely forgotten that Clara’s Mum was dead, which reduces her step-mom’s(?) position to ‘comedy step mom’. But that whole sequence was unforgivably bad already, in a way this just rubs a bit of salt in the gaping wound that is already gushing blood onto the carpet.

    I’m not delving into the sonic stuff, as it’ll end up in pseudo-science – and really my original problem with that section of the episode was a wooden fucking cyber-man. That sounds really cunning, until you think about it for more than a second.

    ‘Well,cyber controller, I’m on board with the wood thing, skating over all the other issues which are going to get really icky when it gets hot – but really, is a wooden flame thrower a good idea?’

    As for the Clara fancying the Doctor part, well this is unforgivable. Not in itself, but as part of the overall effect of the last few seasons. I thought 10 and Rose was handled very well, and their ending was quite poignant. But it has now grown out of hand – I didn’t really pick up on it as Jenna Coleman is pretty good in the role as establishing herself, and Matt Smith doesn’t play the Doctor as a creepy lech. And I’m male, which I’m afraid does mean I barely notice things that don’t involve beer. But it’s almost a call back to the 50’s and 60’s where women in films were not expected to cope with events or take part in them. It is incredibly insulting that every female companion in the modern era (almost all of them) has had to establish whether she would, or would not, want to shag the Doctor – even Donna.

    It makes me think that if I ever meet Steven Moffat, I’ll have to prelude the conversation with ‘I don’t want to fuck you, by the way’, just to reassure him that I’m not about to try and wrestle him to the ground in an inappropriate manner. Or perhaps say, ‘Well I never thought I would like to sleep with you Steven, but now I’ve met you I’m considering it’ in case I do try to. You never know.

    The whole Trenzalore thing is now altered, by what happened. Yes, it is another weakness of the modern show to claim something is a fixed point in time, then to decide it can be changed.

    Ultimately, it definitely was a show that tried to do far too much in one hour, and achieved none of its aims because of that. It did tie up some things, and parts of it I liked. But definitely David Tennant and Catherine Tate were the high spot of the modern series for me. I recently missed the chance to see them in a Shakespeare play together, I’ve been gnashing my teeth for months.

  • Clare s

    Agree with you about the companions being in love with the doctor although I do think the girl who plays Clara and Matt Smith have chemistry on screen which is more than I can say about some of the companions. I know a ton of people loved River Song but honestly I couldn’t stand the character because the relationship always felt so forced. I mean 10 had the hots for Rose so badly he left her with his look alike. As far as Donna I love Catherine Tate she is fabulous and her TV show was great. I’m not bothered….

  • Slickery

    I really didn’t like this episode. It didn’t work as a Christmas episode, it was disappointing as a goodbye to 11, and that whole bit about Clara fancying him WAS UTTER BULLSHIT. I really hate Moffat. How anyone could write the best two parter of the modern era – Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead – and then be such a shit show runner is beyond me. On the other hand, my massive crush on you grows, Redmeph, because of the Welsh thing.

    In the 50th episode they said they could use the sonic on the wood but it would take hundreds of years to tune the sonic to the whatever and Clara let them out before they did it.

    Among the many things that irked me:
    *that little girl being Amelia had blonde hair; seriously, what a stupid thing to overlook

    *10 got a two part goodbye including awesome Master stuff and a tour to say goodbye to all his companions. 11 got a one hour muddled mess including a new girl he likes so much he snogs her even though we’ve never heard of her


    *I don’t buy Clara ran off with him because she fancied him or that she’s in love with him. Moffat just can’t grasp the concept of a woman and man spending time together without love and sex being a part of it.

    *Clara’s mom is dead! The Doctor spied on her at the funeral when he was trying to figure out who she was. So either her dad remarried and they didn’t make it clear that was a step or they just ignored all previous story.

    *If that’s how the Siege of Trensalore ended why is he buried there?

    I thought the one hour special about 11/Matt Smith was better and more touching than this. I am looking forward to Capaldi as 12(13) because maybe for once we can dispense with the “companion in love with the Doctor” crap and just tell good stories. That’s one of the main reasons Donna was the best companion since the reboot. She didn’t waste time mooning over him. She cared about him, and he her, but she was there for the adventures.

  • churble

    Assessing Amy’s wig situation did kind of kill the emotional impact of that scene. Though I have to say, it was a good wig.

  • Redmeph

    Mr’s Slocombe’s Pussy is a byword in UK culture. Ok it was always intended to be a rude joke, but it passes the ‘Two Ronnies’ test of being entirely explainable to a child without saying what it actually means.

    Just to give your ban a bit of perspective, you got censored for referencing a show that has been aired in the ‘kids are awake so no rude stuff’ time slot for the last 41 years on the BBC, which abides by strict decency guidelines, especially before 9pm! That’s a level of censorship that would make Pravda proud! That forum must live in fear of women showing off their ankles in an unwarranted fashion too.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I have no idea why, but I can watch endless repeats of “Are You Being Served”. I was actually censored on a stoopid housewifes blog for referencing Mrs. Slocombe — of course there was no salacious meaning attached to the use of the word “pussy”, but the use of the word for cats has sadly disappeared from American’s vocabulary, hence the pearl clutching, I guess. Even though I mentioned the show was a long-time staple on PBS, which NEVER shows anything naughty. I didn’t appreciate being censored, especially since they didn’t bother to even mention that they’d rewritten my post. But, it had a happy result because that’s how I ended up at TVGasm.

    I guess I’m a die-hard Whovian. Looking forward to a second season of that clone show as well.

  • Redmeph

    Ta for that! I think Ronnie only let me do it to keep my hand in whilst the stuff I usually cover is off-air. I’m not sure Dr Who is popular enough to warrant permanent coverage, although I’d be more than happy to do it if it was, being a life-long fan. I’m not going to call myself a ‘Whovian’ as that sounds like some kind of vacuum cleaner. But I’ve been a fan for 38 years or so, that’s why I can be such a geek about the show’s history.

    If I hadn’t been so cross I’dve credited the Mollie Sugden/Mrs Slocombe joke – I don’t want people thinking I made that up. I really, really don’t.:)

    In my defense, it’s so well known in UK culture it doesn’t need explaining, even 40 years later, so I forgot to make it clear, whilst I was nerd-raging. It did seem to hit the level of the writing for that scene – well, in my opinion.

    I think ‘Intercourse’ wins the name competition hands down. I really thought you were joking at first! And I thought ‘Thong’ was bad. My heart goes out to it’s residents.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    That was an unexpected, but welcome, surprise — a Dr. Who recap. Years ago Maryland public TV used to show all the old black and white Dr. Who episodes late at night, which is when I first became acquainted with him. No idea if they still do, since my skinflint cable provider sees fit to only give me Virginia’s PBS affiliate and not the Maryland and DC ones.

    Nice insertion of a Mrs. Slocombe joke, “Have you seen my pussy?” I’ve personalized it to, “Have you seen my pussies? I have two….” Since I look like a sweet, doddery old lady, I can get away with that. It’s not MY fault if people have filthy minds…..

    As far as risque place names go, we have Intercourse, Pennsylvania which has been the butt of many of a lame joke.