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If there were ever a situation where in which I had to choose between cheese and chocolate, cheese would win hands down. I spend my days writing blog posts, and my nights harshly judging people who appear on reality shows. If there is the odd weekend in which I am not working, or feeling smugly satisfied about my lack of my own reality show, I will build a blog for my friends. Then, I will spend the rest of my weekend conning other friends, family members, and general acquaintances to donate their talents to help out. I am shameless in my love of free stuff, blue humor, and great or even terrible fiction. I tell my friends that I watch reality shows to feel better about myself. In actuality, I watch them because I am vastly entertained by the things people will do to be famous. When Flipit asked me to join the TVGasm family, I was honored. When he said that I would be paid in Cheetos, I was TOTALLY in.
  • freeasabird

    Sad episode. Renee, get some help. Seriously. Get help. Usually I watch for amusement (I cannot take these ladies at all seriously in any way), but this was pretty bad. Watching someone who looks like she has mental health issues, slowly descend into in abyss is pretty sad. And here’s a tip: It wasn’t the guy…she just met……who looks like he’s about to admit he’s on parole in an upcoming episode.

  • sheesh

    Big Ang wants to have a baby. A child of her own. From her. Biological and all that.
    Hang on.
    That felt good.
    I can skip my workout today.

  • yeknom

    LMAO@ Aunt Dorsey.

    Here’s my take on the whole “delicious” comment. I think delicious, to Renee, has a more come-on vibe than telling someone you smell nice. If Big Ang or Drita had said “don’t you smell nice” or something along those more innocent lines, Renee might have been okay with it, but for Natalie, who she’s just met and who her 2 good friends have just b*tched about being inappropriate calling her man ‘delicious’ was out of bounds. Renee doesnt know Natalie well enough to know if that comment was as innocent as it was to Natalie. Plus they showed Big Ang & Drita telling the camera that Renee gets super cray-cray when it comes to her man, so they know what to say/not say.

    Natalie unfortunately has no idea that the way she acts with her friends (that have known her longer), might not always be appropriate w/people you’re just getting to know. I’m with Drita on the whore thing (and not only cause I love me some Drita and cannot stand Natalie). If someone I didnt know called me a whore, I’d be offended. Even more if the girl saw I was offended and instead of saying “oh my bad, I didnt mean to offend” went on to say who-ore to me over & over again. It would have been an easy fix, but Natalie insists on being right and seems to be someone who uses “well that’s just how I am” as an excuse to be an asshole.

    Also….for what it’s worth…for someone who doesnt give a f*ck what people think about her, Natalie sure gets heated when they dont think of her as highly as she thinks of herself.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    I just wanna say all youse whores smell delicious! Happy Holidays to youse.

  • Chicken Lips

    I’m not sure it is a total overreaction, but at least it wasn’t “You smell so delicious I could just eat you up!” Then again, who says, “You smell delicious” without meaning something. It’s a mystery.

    Was it just me, or was Renee’s “date” looking about 15 years too young for her? Either she is aging poorly (who wouldn’t with all that crap) or if they are close to the same age he’s aging well.

  • TN Gal

    I had a nice comment all typed out about the show and recap. Then the Grinch came and stole it while I was trying to post. So I’ll just say thanks for a great recap, and Big Ang would be the funnest grandmother ever.

  • TN Gal

    You are correct. I cannot begin to fathom 41 counts of fraud against me. But then again, I’m not a big-spendin’, sister-in- law hatin’, NJ housewife married to a brown smurf. Gawd bless.

  • labowner

    I am assuming Renee’s not wanting to rat stems from her dealing with her dad and ex-hubby. We are trying to project normal behavior onto people who don’t live in a normal world. When was the last time any of us listened to a wire tap of a loved one?

    I have no idea what to think about the date.