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  • Toni

    Your comment about a down on his luck Nelson twin made me laugh out loud!

  • Miss Annie

    Thanks, TN Gal! I miss Tabatha on my TV.

  • TN Gal

    I said it on Cyn’s recap of Cort…girlfriend needs to learn to style her hair around that billboard sized forehead. Bangs, Cort, bangs can be a girl’s best friend. Unless you’re Tre from RHNJ. I don’t think even Tabatha could takeover and fix that hairline.
    Great recap!

  • Miss Annie

    Agreed, TallGirl. Court needs a date night with Alberto V05.

  • Miss Annie

    Thanks, CynTV! I’ll make sure to read your recaps since now I know who Courtney is – she seemed almost normal here but I’m sure if she’s starring on a Bravo show, it’s a mirage! Patti is icky poo-poo 🙂

  • TallGirl

    Court’s hair was TERRIBLE on this show. It looks fried and died and allowed to just dangle down in its strawy shape. I don’t know why that is considered a hairstyle. It’s how hair used to look in the summer once a gal got chlorine build-up from too much time in the pool. Condition, trim and style that weave!!!

  • CynTV

    Hey, Miss Annie! I recap Courtney Does Dallas, and she looks so much better on your show than mine! Patti is such a celebrity kiss-ass. I wish she’d shove her own tongue down her throat. Great recap!

  • anon

    I will say this, I do think that Courtney is a likeable person. Reasons being, she is humble, can laugh at herself, easygoing, and doesnt seem pretentious. However, I am jealous that she is able to make a living (a good living even?) from primping …. Man, if I could put outfits and accesories together for myself and blog about it and get paid, that would be the dream life too … even if you are pregnant, you could put a maternity twist on it …. I need to stop dreaming lol. I adore style, but even forever21 is out of my budget… I need to maximize the potential out of my 6 yr old cardigan my mom gave me and some old ballet flats Ive had for 3 years … Im unfortunately a poor grad student, minimum wage income til i finish in 2 years 🙁 HELP!!!