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Paralegal by day, cat wrangler by night, writer in my dreams . . .
  • Aunt Dorsey

    Totally agree, that is the most becoming hair style she has had yet. GG needs to burn those awful hair extensions or she should market those corkscrew curls to Hasidic Jews who need some ear curls.

  • labowner

    Wow just wow Reza and MJ. How shitty can you two get?

    Love GG’s new hair cut.

  • StaceySuperfly

    I hope Jessica doesn’t marry Mike, he really is a loser, cute, but wouldn’t know hard work if it bit him in the ass. His mommy told us.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    LOVED the Reza muppet therapy session and the description of “Qualude MJ” is spot on. It was so considerate of Lilly to wear her hooker heels to the doggie park to aerate the lawn.

  • rachelkashmir

    @eyediosmio- HOL-E COW! I laughed so hard at your take on Reza’s therapy session. HEE-Larios. PS: Reza DID shave his stupid douchstache.

    I’m not going to hate Lily’s doggie party. I have two Poms and celebrate their birthdays (the day I adopted them) every year.