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Cyn TV

Hey there! I'm just a gal who doesn't look her age, desperately aspiring to be an eighth as hot as my profile photo. I love red, vodka, and binge watching TV shows. I hope for a world in which all my dachshunds could talk. Please read my recaps and validate my existence. Flipit rules forevah!
  • Moli

    I watched with my mouth hanging open the entire time. Poppa Pope’s speech was freaking awesome…I had to rewind and hear him say BOY a few times FLOVED it!!!!!! Fitz played himself trying to get a rise out of him. My mouth dropped open when I saw Momma Pope is her finest outside the White House!!!!!!!! WTF, Gladiators what the hell are we gonna do for almost 3 months? I’m not watching that whatever show that is holding its place.

  • LynnB

    In my opinion this is one of the best shows on TV today. Shondra is otu of control with the twists and turns and I am so glad I decided not to skip “another new show”… This episode was great! Love the recap….as always.

  • TN Gal

    I loved this episode, and what an awesome recap! Mellie and Joe Morton had some of the best lines. “You. Are. A. Boy.” “The Formidable Olivia Pope”. That speech to Fitz should go on Daddy Pope’s Emmy reel. Everyone brought their A-game to this episode. I hope Quinn turns out to be some kind of double agent. I kinda don’t like where she’s going with Julia Sugarbaker’s son.
    Liv is going to end up fixing this Sally mess and running the campaign just like the last election. Mama Pope is coming after Daddy Pope, know that! (Shout out to Medium from RHBH!)
    Can’t wait til February. Hopefully, more of Harrison’s past will come to light.
    Thanks again for a great recap!