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  • Lizbot

    Based on the past two weeks I think Tessanne deserves the win. She totally peaked at the exact right time. Her performances this week were nothing short of incredible. Found myself on the edge of my seat. Jacquie had some great moments, but I didn’t love her final performance (her voice was a bit shrieky at times, and I couldn’t help but compare her performance to Jennifer Hudson’s in terms of the emotional nuances and found this one a little bit lacking). Overall, Will shouldnt’ have a chance. He has a good voice but I was finding myself checking the clock throughout his performances, wondering when they would end (they were just kind of boring). But I wouldn’t rule him out. STranger things have happened on reality tv.

    I agree with Miss Annie too — 5 years from now, Jacquie will be unstoppable. But right now I think Tessanne has her beat.

  • Miss Annie

    I think what gives Tess a leg up is her experience. If Jacquie wasn’t “SIXTEEN OMG SHE’S ONLY SIXTEEN” and had some time to develop her voice, she might be a slam dunk. Poor Will – he hasn’t a snowball’s chance in hell.

  • kloewent

    I agree that Tessanne is the best, but does she have the pop potential of the other too? One thing I really like about Tess is that she is so humble and she hasn’t let the stylists whore out her clothes. She is always dressed very modestly. I don’t know if she is religious, or just feels more comfortable that way, but it is nice to see someone looking very beautiful while covered up.