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Paralegal by day, cat wrangler by night, writer in my dreams . . .
  • NotWithoutMyTV

    Yes, but the pain of shitty people matters less.

    That’s why I donate money to the ASPCA and not to Feed Your Local Meth Face. When people are in bad situations–and start wining about it–you can often trace their desperate straits back to an incredibly poor decision or action. Dogs and cats can’t say “Today, I’m gonna stop contributing to society and make money by acting like a reprobate on TV.” Shit just happens to them. (Syrian refugees, too, I guess. Unless they sign up for Bravo’s “Not So Civil War: Syrian Glitteratti”.)

  • labowner

    You say Mike’s brother is boring, I think he is a normal person like most of us who want nothing to do with reality tv. Also, is Bravo paying for the camping trip, the party etc so they don’t need to manufacture the get togethers?

    Last season it was GG. She was uninvited to events because of her attitude and this season it is Reza. Will the tables turn on MJ next season?

    Might we see the beginnings of a mid-life crisis for Reza? Knowing Reza’s ego, he probably thinks he looked just as good as Sasha does when he was that age.

    Eye I am assuming Sasha wore that ensemble because he knew he mostly likely be on camera. Just remember, not all “friends” end up becoming full time members. Even Greg from Jersey had to give up trying to become a regular.

  • eyediosmio

    Good point about Mike distancing himself from Reza for business reasons. I agree about the bus ad, though. The wealthy don’t pay attention to bus ads.

    And you’re right on about GG not helping herself in the boy crazy department. She’s a mess.

  • eyediosmio

    We’ll see how genuine his “redemption” truly is. I mean, even shitty people hurt sometimes, right?

  • eyediosmio

    Why thank you! I was going to make a drag joke about Lily, even her daytime looks resemble a drag version of her. She’s a mess.

  • rachelkashmir

    @ eyediosmio- I’m forever amused by my girl, GG. She was horrified HORRIFIED that MJ (wrongly) outed her extracurricular snogging but she’s running around on camera like a cat in heat looking for another Y chromosome. I agree with Lizz, your recaps are better than the show. LOVE IT!

    I’m sure Reza’s outburst is not isolated or reserved only for his ‘friends.’ With the way these clowns act like they own joints, I’m very sure our Persian poseurs have seen Reza go off on many strangers. The only difference this time is cameras were rolling capturing Reza’s douchbaggedness in all its hateful glory. Mike is dumb as a rock (people who buy million dollar homes don’t pay attention to bus adverts- Hell, I rent an apartment and I don’t pay attention to bus adverts) but he’s media savvy enough to know the public backlash might affect him professionally. He’s tolerated Reza being a jerk up to the point where it’s making him (Mike) look bad by association. That’s why Mike distancing himself.

  • NotWithoutMyTV

    I utterly reject Reza’s redemption story arc. The person or situation most responsible for Reza’s egregious asshattery is Reza.

    So screw him, and his shoe-black Saddam ‘stache, too.

  • Lizz

    Love your recaps….probably more than watching the actual show. When they first showed Lily (ugh) hitchhiking on the parade route, I honestly thought it was a drag queen version of her.