• chooch850

    WTF… there is nothing wrong with old man penis breath when an expensive ring is the prize… hell I’d even have your penis breath if I could get a ring out of it!

  • haha thanks jimbob! And the “I’ve been drinking, and it’s laundry day” is only gonna get worse as xmas approaches!! I should maybe consider switching these to audio LOL!!
    And Lohan and Kartrash are in these damn rags EVERY DAY. how does that happen?

  • JimbobJones

    Dammit, Flipit, every time I watch one of these, I feel like I’ve been hit by a really funny drive-by. Granted, it’s a really crappy drive-by, because more often than not, the car is driven by Lohan and the gun is held by a Kardashian (which means I’m more likely to be hit with the car than the bullets), but still, I feel like I’ve been shot.

    Still, awesome, awesome stuff, despite your “I’ve been drinking, and it’s laundry day” look this week. 🙂