• Thanks JimBob!! Having to watch myself helped me learn pretty fast. I might just delete the first two and pretend they didn’t happen. Is that cheating?
    Seeing these even got me to stick to a diet! Unfortunately that only last a couple of weeks. YouTube=Fat Acceptance.
    Yay (?)
    Thanks for watching these I’m gonna make a go at keeping them going

  • JimbobJones

    Watched all of these just now. Gotta say you totally found your rhythm after about the second one. The first and second, you looked REALLY uncomfortable. But these are absolutely HILARIOUS now.

    My favorite line is still “Unfortunately Hallmark doesn’t sell greeting cards addressed to COCAINE!”

    Awesome, awesome stuff.

  • Itchy I love you!

  • itchy

    How is it that you don’t have your own sitcom?