• hot cawfee

    Oh and how funny —Kate and Octomom both making headlines at the same time—bbwwahaaahhaaaaa—-Kate-she is a cautionary tale!!!!!!

  • hot cawfee

    I think she’s Duchess of Cambridge—I guess her new ‘do was trumped by the pregnancy thang!!!!!!!
    It must really be a slow newsday if this is ranking so big on network news. That ass Petraeus must be keeping it in his pants—and our own Lindsay Lohan should be gearing up for something in three…two….one!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey–my cap code is……oxo cube—thats kinda nifty

  • Clair

    Doesn’t Kate have a title or at least a new last name?

  • chooch850

    OMG! I didn’t know Kate Middlleton was pregnant. Thank goodness I watched this!

  • mere2142

    Love the background on this! Too funny.