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  • Brandster

    I’m mean that affectionately.

  • CynTV

    I read, “Hello again, trash bags!”. and almost spit my drink out.

  • itchy

    The creepy doll makeup he was wearing made the scene even creepier.

  • cattyfan

    Thank you for sparing us the lollipop scene photo. I much preferred the dog.

    I only wish when Beth hit Gorman over the head with the jar of candy she had snarled, “Suck on that, Pervert.”

  • JimmyT

    My theory is that at this point in the apocalypse everyone’s olfactory sense are totally shot. That probably also helps them keep down what every moldy food they are scavenging.

    As for the guts smearing, I’d also like to think that somehow the infection in the corpse blood gives you a sort of contact high. Maybe that’s why Carol and Michonne are all badass. It is some sort of a zombie-world version of beserking.

  • itchy

    Well, of course, the smearing guts thing adds a new question: the smell. Carol rubbed this stuff all over herself, got all badass and rescued everyone. But presumably she stunk like death. Didn’t stop them from hugging her, of course. And Darryl seemed happy enough to drive in a car with her. And of course we know that these people rarely take the time to shower and never change their clothes…. man, why do I always feel like I’m going down a rabbit hole with this show?

  • JimmyT

    I thought about the smearing guts trick too. In fact, when Noah basically face-planted into that pile of corpses, I was convinced that Beth was going to start smearing them both. After all, she’s got to have see someone from her former posse do this trick at least once, right?

    As for Beth, yes like the fact that she is getting a bit more to do and more backbone. Hopefully this show also has a teen quota and when she meets back up with the group, that this will mean that Carl will be forced to take a back seat to her. He’s been more tolerable this season, but I still don’t like him.

  • itchy

    It’s called a wire saw. I’m not so sure it’s standard medical equipment though. Seems to me they’d have more efficient ways to amputate an arm in a hospital.

    I for one am happy they’re getting back to the Beth rescue storyline. She’s been the most underused character on the whole show — it’d be nice to see them develop her character finally, give her a bit of a backbone. Plus : she’s Darryl’s real love interest, not Carol.

    A couple of things that bugged the fuck out of me this episode:

    First, if zombies are so hungry, how come they never finish their meal? They left a huge pile of perfectly fine body parts in that elevator shaft. (Which, of course, didn’t make the entire hospital stink to high heaven. No, of course not.)

    Second, how come these idiots never use the “smear yourself with zombie guts” trick? They’ve known about this since season one. Michonne showed us how to do another variation on the trick. And Carol recently conveniently remembered how it’s done. So why doesn’t anyone else?

    Oops! There I go again, thinking too deeply about this show….

  • Brandster

    Thanks for reading every week! I appreciate getting feedback. I like the episode too but it was kind of hard to recap. Now how did they get piano wire but not a knife to be seen? Interesting though.

  • JimmyT

    Great recap!

    Overall, I like the episode. In some ways, it reminded me of some of the short serials/webisodes that they released between the first and second season, especially the one one about a handful of people holed up at a storage locker facility.

    I have a feeling that the episode with Carol is going to be a lot better, though. Too bad we are going to have two wait at least 2 more episodes (next week with the D.C crew and the week after that back with the Grimy Grimes). At least we get to see who Darryl brings out from the Woods. I still think it’s Morgan. I don’t think Noah would know where to find the others. They need to do something with him sooner rather than later or we are all going to forget that he was hanging out there. Also, I don’t think that Noah would know where to find the others.

    BTW, I think that the “floss” was piano wire, supposedly an old mobster trick used to sever hands, feet and heads.

  • LSE

    Country Jamz Barbie? Hilarious!!! I can’t stop laughing.

  • Brandster

    She’s the bopper

  • beccar1983

    Awesome recap as usual! Especially that cute picture of Maggie!