Mindi Tosh Giordano

Don't tell me reality tv is scripted.
  • LynnB

    Roxanne is doing her daughter a huge dis-service by babying her the way she does..this kid won’t be able to do anything herself. Roxanne…go to work! Let the kid go to school on her own.

    The captions under the pictures are so f’ing funny I laughed out loud at my desk a couple of times.

    What the hell is that crap this :”dancer” keeps drawing on her face? THat looks awful..is that something from that state cuz I’ve never seen girls doing that around me in the northeast. The part inside by the nose makes her look like she has pink eye.

    And this poor guy working his ass off in the mine just wants to go FISHING…leave him alone. Think she could maybe cook him a meal since she does nothing else except bitch all day and go swimming and lives in a really nice apartment that he pays for. Plus, she can go to school in any state …why not finish where he has a good job? She is the WORST!

    The cowboy is a douche…find another dude and move on Blondie.

    Thanks for this great re-cap…I always laugh when Madelyn27 is doing the writing.

  • PsychoSuzy

    I know I’ve read on here several times that Brianna is the “cute one,” etc… Am I crazy, or is Brittany looking GORgeous lately? Part of it I’m sure is that Brianna is so damn whiney and pouty and a big baby, so when I look at her I just feel repulsed. Lately, when the camera goes to Brittany, she is looking really, really pretty. I’m sure the fact that I actually like her helps, but the girl keeps looking better and better. Also, I love her, her attitude, and her desire to be independent and break from the coven. Get out of there Brittany and live your life!
    Alex is a nasty bitch. That guy was so nice to take her to prom, he seemed nice and normal and was very cute. She was “bored?” She should have felt so thankful that her boss set her up with a nice guy, and she couldn’t show any grace. Why would any guy want to go out with her rude, temper tantrum-throwing ass? Katie needs to stop whining and grow up, and Mackenzie needs to just shut it.

  • Chicken Lips

    Every time Mackenzie opens her mouth I want to grab the duct tape because all she does is whine about everything. Even when she’s having a normal (to her, asinine to the rest of us) conversation, she’s whining. Shut. Up.

    I love Brittany. You can tell the only time Roxanne has any use for her is to watch the baby while she goes and does everything for Brianna, or to keep her company when she’s waiting around for Brianna to get out of her Mensa meeting.

    And WTH – I went to college and never once did I sit in class and think “Gee, if only Mom was here to help me out in the middle of class.” My brother went to college and lived at home, was a total mama’s boy, and he managed to make it though class without my mom being right outside the door. In fact, I’m not even sure Mom knew when his classes were much less went with him. I’m thinking that Roxanne signed some kind of side deal with MTV and she gets paid whenever she’s on camera and gets a bonus if she can drag Brittany along for the ride, so she makes sure she is constantly up Brianna’s ass when the cameras are around.

    I don’t think the not-driving-when-you-have-a-child thing is 100% weird as long as you have family around to help, or you live in an area with a public transportation system (such as not the ‘burbs or something). However, I think this not driving thing is more Roxanne trying to control Brianna – she never let Brianna get her license because then Brianna would have to be dependent on her. And that driving lesson was a joke – Brianna, you aren’t cute when you act like that, you are pathetic. Did you see that part where she couldn’t figure out what to do at a STOP sign? Good luck in college if you can’t figure out what a stop sign is, kiddo.

  • TN Gal

    I am so tired of Alex whining about how Matt ruined her life. Um, NO, sweetie. YOU were the one who chose to lay down and have UNPROTECTED SEX with a known IV DRUG USER. No one is responsible for that decision but you, Alex. Furthermore,you should make like Melissa Gorga and be thanking Baby Jesus and crossing yourself every five minutes, for the simple fact that pregnant was the ONLY thing Matt gave you. At the very least, you could have caught Hep C. Wake up, grow up, and most of all, SHUT UP!
    *steps off soap box
    Thanks for a great recap!

  • Chaosbutterfly

    Mermaid is beautiful on hourglass shaped women or women who are tall and slim. If you’re not one of those, then step away from the mermaid.
    If Alex wanted to wear that dress, she should have put on a corset underneath.
    Without anything to give her body the right shape, she looked like a red Ursula the sea witch.
    That thing on her face could have worked if it wasn’t done with sharpie and if she actually had on some other dramatic makeup to offset it. It was like she just had that and some eyeliner. wtf.
    Poor thing.
    It was cute seeing how happy Alex’s mom was to see her go to prom. And Arielle is adorable. I want to steal her and keep her in my pocket, so she can keep Ali Simms company.

    I maintain that Mack needs better Megans to tell her what to do. It’s just sad to watch her making all these speeches to Josh about being married and engaged, and the few times he does reply, he doesn’t even open his mouth wide enough to slip a sideways cheerio in there. How the fuck do people even understand what he’s saying.

    Man fuck Katie. I don’t even care about her mother, but my heart broke for that woman when Katie made that completely unprovoked, cruel-ass comment.
    Momma Katie looked like someone double-slapped her with a chain mail glove.
    Katie is just a nasty hurtful person. Always looking for someone to blame for her life, when honestly, she does not have it bad at all. The worst thing to happen to her is that she had a baby as a teen. Oh but look she won the baby daddy lottery, so even that’s not that bad. Ole evil ass bitch. I’m worried for Molli when she gets older. You just know Katie is gonna be one of those mega-bitch moms who makes the daughter feel like shit for no reason.

    Brittany looked so pretty when she was throwing her fit in the car.
    And as an adult who also has no license (shut up, i never needed one, i’ll get one next year), I can understand her not getting her license yet. But all this baby behavior….girl stop. You have a child. Put on your big girl panties and go to class like an adult. And Roxanne…do you know what you can get done in two hours? You can watch 2/3 of a season of Sherlock on Netflix in 2 hours. And she wasted that time sitting in front of a college with a baby.

  • Hatched One

    ALEX’S date was boring??? Guess what, his was WORSE!!!!! She probably spent the whole evening either moaning about Sir Sandwich of Rehab or chatting with her friends and ignoring him. Geez, the guy rents a tux – in the right color – is extremely presentable and pleasant and brings her a rose. Do you know how many teenage girls would KILL for a prom date like that? Whatta jerk she is.

  • LadyStardust

    When are teenagers going to figure out that most people can’t pull off those mermaid style dresses? My cousin wore one of those to prom and it made her look huge (and she’s much smaller than Alex). They don’t work if you have any sort of hips. And I don’t even know what to say about that thing on her face. It looked like she had a disease.

  • katiep

    I was watching this with my 14 yr daughter and when Alex was complaining about Matt my daughter says ” I guess she should of thought before she had his kid”

  • OtherDragonGirl

    I watched Teen Mom and Teen Mom2 but I cant with this show- I find all the girls except Mackenzie to be whiny self-pitying Debbie Downers, Mackenzie can be bubbly and cute but Josh is so damn boring that I don’t care about her story.
    On the previous seasons the fathers (Overstretched T-shirt Gary, Adam Lind, Yawning Ryan etc) made good villains and the girls had dramatic enough problems (Amber and Jenelle, Leah, etc) to give each episode some kind of weight.
    This is just people whining and looking miserable and depressed for an hour. I’ve got my own life for that thanks!

    also Josh is so monosyllabic- he makes Corey look like a valedictorian.

  • PageantKidGrownUp

    Score! I have found the sole redeming feature of this show.

    My 14 year old son now wants NOTHING to do with producing grandchildren for me.

    Hey, it works for me. Sometimes fear is a fine, fine motivater!

  • karyn pape

    What is it with theses girls and their Victoria Secret wear? Ugh. I liked the UGGS comment. Also, we have an above ground pool but we live in a state where we only have summer for about 3 months and my husband refused to spend $40,000.00 on an in ground pool. Cheap bastard.

  • nettaboo

    I felt really bad for Brittany this episode, it’s obvious that Briana is the favorite. The poor girl has an abortion because she isn’t ready to be a mother and then is stuck parenting her niece. Devoin’s tweets that Roxanne is always up Briana’s ass seem to be true. She complained that Devoin could have been there to go to the beach with his daughter? She told him she didn’t want him around at all two weeks ago and now she expects him to be at a family outing with her mom who threw something at him the last time she saw him and her sister who clearly despises him. It’s not even clear he was invited on the outing anyway. Katie doesn’t feel like doing anything for the man that takes good care of her child on Father’s Day, anybody wanna bet he gave her something nice for Mother’s Day. I agree the comment Katie made to her mother was just rude and cold. Katie said the man was a drug addict/dealer what was her mom supposed to do, stay with anyway. Katie doesn’t even deny that her mother gave her everything, I know you think she is a pretty girl, but she is ugly on the inside. Alex’s comment that Matt ruined her life seems a bit much too, remember he told her he couldn’t be a good father and that Bella should be adopted. She also stated in the aftershow that the overdose was a suicide attempt, he doesn’t want to be a father or a boyfriend or alive, his life is ruined. Alex has a supportive albeit clueless family, she is coming across a little ungrateful too. Mackenzie’s gift was cute, but not really something any teenage boy wants to receive. He’s a cowboy he isn’t gonna get excited over arts and crafts, she should have given him some rope or bought him and Gannon matching hats or boots. Generally speaking dads don’t really get interested in their children until they are old enough to have fun.

  • DallasBoo

    Thank you for being able to stay awake and recap this snoozefest! This group is so DULL………I just don’t care about any of them! I seriously hope they do not renew these bores for another season.