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  • JimbobJones

    After seeing the finale, I don’t think anyone would begrudge you if your recap was 3 words long: “Fuck this show”

  • Redmeph

    Serial apologists like Pokerface are always bad news, so I can’t back him. I can’t back Schoolteacher as she annoys me for going on about Kentucky, and I don’t give a crap about Vegas as he’s an arrogant sod. When Jobless bombed out, so did all my hopes.

  • cattyfan

    I don’t understand choosing Vegas Baby as the winner. Wouldn’t the producers want to push someone whose cookbook I might want to buy? Because I wouldn’t take his as a gift.

    And Poker Face? Needs an anger management course, not a cookbook contract. His inability to control himself should have gotten him the boot.

  • Kelli3222

    No way! Once Dickhead pokerface passed the doors, should’ve be an auto fail. Such BS. Think about it…nobody would buy a cookbook from Vegas Baby, his presentation is gorgeous it’d be too fancy for home cooks, nobody likes Pokerface, so his wouldn’t sell. That leaves Kentucky, I figure people would buy her, being all “southern cooking”…probably some good ole stories from Kentucky too.

  • Smidnite

    Pokerface should have been allowed to keep walking when he stomped out.

  • JimbobJones

    Wow, what a trio of crap. I literally don’t want any of these three to win.

    I guess if I had to pick, it would be Kentucky (did you know she’s from Kentucky?) because I don’t need to hear her after the final episode.

    But all in all, I dislike all three, bordering on hatred for that whiny bitch Pokerface. What a dickbag.