Pope Philly

  • notwithoutmytv

    Now that this show has established itself and built a viewership, they could probably drop the “Bachelor” branding from the name and just call it “Tropical Boom-Boom Room, Occasionally with Chris Harrison.” (Okay. That needs work. But it tells you what you’re in for. Like ‘Sharknado.’ Or ‘Mansquito.’)

  • melange

    Heh, yeah the only part of the Fantasy Suite that makes sense is that the cameras / producers are kicked out at some point, unlike the sleeping quarters in Paradise. (I fully expected to see more awkward night vision in the boom-boom rooms but they really let us down there!)

    As a datapoint, I know a woman in her late 20’s that still wears her retainer at night. I guess her orthodontist tells her to? She also bleaches her teeth whenever she flies home (they have no such thing as teeth bleaching in this part of Europe).

    I agree that Jen looked amazing on the after show. She’s lovely but just so blaaaahhhh! Given that outfit and her vague answers, she’ll definitely be appearing somewhere on Nick’s season of the Bachelor. I expect there will be a few previous contestants showing up on his season. They will be crawling out of the woodwork.

  • itchy

    The whole Fantasy Suite thing doesn’t make sense on this show. All of these people were literally fucking all of the time — because there was basically nothing else to do in “Paradise”. They admitted as much in the AfterParadise show.

    But it’s all part of the weird balancing act this franchise is required to perform between keeping their main viewership (People magazine readers/Bible thumpers) happy, and giving the rest of us what WE want, which is to make fun of these people and their famewhorishness.

    That goes for the franchise’s insistence on pounding home their various jokes, like that stupid chicken thing. And Josh’s moans. And everything Evan and Carly.

    FYI: Lauren’s retainer bit refers to a moment during Ben’s season when the gals were woken up early in the morning and she was caught on tape wearing her retainer. Because these people are all CHILDREN.

    Here’s hoping they cast a little older for Nick’s season. Although if I were forced to break up with Jen, I’d be weeping too. Did you see her in that dress on AfterParadise?