Hello TrashTalk TV!!! I cannot believe I am finally recapping for this site after years of enjoying its snarky and sarcastic recaps. I should fit right in cause I am a judgmental bitch. Just a little about myself, I am recapping under the name Jewpacabra because why not. If you take offense, why are you on this site? I am Jewish, so I can get away with it. Anyways, I’m a reality TV addict. Favorites include Top Chef, Cutthroat Kitchen, Masterchef, Kitchen Nightmares, Face off, Under the Gunn, Project Runway, Survivor, Amazing Race, Opposite Worlds etc. Also, I am a licensed Pharmacist so I may or may not be really science nerdy (Battlestar Galactica for life! SO SAY WE ALL). Apparently, someone more important than me thinks I should be trusted with drugs. PS the reason all of your pharmacists look miserable is because you are annoying and we are waiting to make fun of you when you leave. Sorry not sorry
  • jojo mama

    Ha Ha.

  • Safari

    Stop it. Just stop. I’m not supposed to be laughing like this at my desk. At least, not alone.

  • Victor wasn’t supposed to come back. Vanessa’s sister and Paulie were supposed to come back but both of them were such LOSERS they couldn’t make it back into the house. On the last episode didn’t Momma Day say Z was back with Paulie in the Jury House? If that’s true Z has no self respect. The only thing I can think is Paulie put on those red, short shorts and his muscular thighs hypnotized Z. That or Z is just man crazy all the time and can’t live without a man.

  • itchy

    No, nothing like that. He just posts clips from the live feeds — it’s easier following him than watching the feeds or slogging through pages of Joker’s posts.

  • notwithoutmytv

    The Eternal Brotherhood of Evil Reality Show Hosts recently voted Allison Grodner the “Most Devoid of Integrity” for the 2016 TV season. Rumor has it that she beat Andy Cohen by one vote–perhaps because with his wonky eye, Andy misread the ballot and voted for Allison when he thought he was voting for himself.

  • notwithoutmytv

    My company does business like it’s 1976. We just stopped being able to wear ties last year. “Casual” at our company is long-sleeve dress shirts and dress pants.

    I wear golf shirts. They can blow me.

    Slowly. With feeling.

  • notwithoutmytv

    That WOULD be highly inconvenient.

    “Come baaaack here, hamster brainuuh! I’m reloadinguuh!!”