Little Lisa

I'm a Gen-exer originally from Boston who spent 10 years in Hoboken before settling down in NC with my hubby, 2 dogs and large family. When not at my desk job I enjoy cooking and drinking the finest wine the gas station has to offer. My avatar is from The Simpsons "Summer of 4 Ft. 2" where Lisa dresses like Blossom (but not Amy Farrah Fowler).
  • Safari

    Little Lisa! Maddie is the quirky little nude leotard clad, blond wig wearing dancing girl in Sia’s Chandelier video! I think she’s in Elastic Heart too but, besides Dance Moms, that’s what made her “famous”. 🙂

  • Little Lisa

    Oh, that makes sense, though I could have sworn Robert looked concerned for a fraction of a second and Cat noticed. Thanks for the comment. I have to watch & recap the latest episode tonight.

  • Ali Gori

    JT didn’t make “a mistake” and get caught by Robert, genius. That was the POINT in the choreo: “I’ll be there”. GET IT? /eyeroll