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Waffle's family would like to go on record and say he was raised by raccoons. You eat out of the garbage one time, and everyone suddenly gets judgmental. He's just going to point out, for the last time, with God as his witness, there was ice cream in that carton. However, the fact of the matter is he was born and has lived about 90% of my life in the Bay Area in Northern California. He's a long time cube monkey (office worker), who spends too much time trying to maximize the money he spends on his cable bill, and has a not so healthy love of all things that are dumb and fun, translation: needless explosions, cable neeckedness, and any time Steven Segal attempts to express human emotion only by squinting.
  • labowner

    Brandi did respond to a fan asking if she and Lisa were having issues. She replied with “I will always love her but sometimes friends have hic-ups.”

  • Clare s

    Yeah I just read another article showing Brandi and Lisa having lunch and laughing at Villa Blanca this week. Who knows. I know everyone loves Brandi for “telling it like it is” but she is just a “tad” white trash.

  • labowner

    Kyle must be giggling with glee at this news. Not the Mauricio stuff. If so, very low Lisa. Although, after watching Vanderpump Rules, I lost what little respect I had for her. Is this the articles allegation coming back to haunt Lisa? Didn’t Ad and Taylor accuse her of that? Oh the Alana Morissette irony that Taylor be vindicated. Kind of like Danielle.

  • notwithoutmytv

    Bravo, though… Bravo is completely on the level. Internally consistent = Andy Cohen.

  • LynnB

    I never believe anything on Radar Online because two days later they have a story that contradicts the one they had before that. Trash.

  • TRose

    I’m not as upset about this as I would’ve been because Brandi’s tampon string dangler already scarred (scared too) me for life.

  • And I just wrote my yearly letter to Santa Claus!

  • Gypsy

    Maybe even 4 nights on Dance Moms!