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Lying and deceit are my stock in trade. Not only am I English, but I'm incredibly sexy too. I'm an atheist who works in marketing, so its a good job I'm an atheist. I've gone freelance again, despite the fact that the last time I tried that I nearly starved to death. So in about three weeks, that guy at the bins, that'll be me. Check out my occasional Blog at www.redmeph.com
  • ronnielovesme

    I think this whole discussion about the various dialects in Philly have taken us away from what is important in life. It doesn’t matter if you say ‘youse’, ‘yall’ or ‘You fellows over there’. Its hating the Juggernaut that counts.

  • To clarify…I hate the South Philadelphians that have convinced the world that everyone in Philadelphia speak like them(Rocky). NO ONE I know speaks like that unless they are from South Philly or from the NE when they ‘moved up’.
    Did you know the only area in Philly that serves cheesesteaks with Cheese whiz is South Philly. No real person would allow that crap to touch their steak UNLESS it slid off their cheese fries:)…think I know what’s for dinner tonight.

  • Lauren

    so sorry we south philadelphians piss u off ….what exactly is a normal philadelphian ?

  • Sharon

    Gawd…I hate Krusty. Can we talk about something on this show that drives me insane…the hair. Krusty kept messing with her hair, Natasha had her hair hanging on her station. I can’t believe the judges have not found a hair in there food.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    Jess lookit all of youse up there. So fan-cee witcha english words and ya real cheese on da cheesesteaks.
    Ya thinkya know errything, jess lookitcha, so smarrttt.

  • churble

    People definitely eat them, but they usually call them “squab” when doing so.

    I’m from Kentucky, I’ve somehow managed to avoid the accent (helps having northern parents, I think the accents just cancelled out) but I couldn’t escape the ya’ll.

  • Libithina

    I practically live in s Philly and youse is a daily part of life here and for peeps in s jersey who have family in Philly. It is the worst!!!

  • Libithina

    It pay be poor but it sure is accurate! She speaks real Philly, it’s hilarious. I know she is the most awful person but when she puffs her feathers I die laughing.

  • Water Lover

    Ah, Moli – I should have known it was something like that. Just with the “hollanday” from last week, I figured she was just ignorant! I, however, am guilty of saying “ya’ll” on occasion.

  • Moli

    Philadelphia born and raised, I can say a lot of people say ITLee(once again one of those South Philly(weirdos they have their own language that everyone not from Philly thinks is the ‘Philly accent/lingo'(normal Philadelphian’s DO NOT speak like Rocky)) things, like freaking weird ass cheese whiz on cheesesteaks). Sorry South Philadelphians piss me off so much I still have no idea who uses youse….ya’ll yes…. not youse! I can say I have never in my life ever consumed quail, pheasant or pigeon(people really eat those flying rats?).

  • LynnB

    To me, Jordan was actually a winner this episode with that job offer/internship from TG. If Juggy wins I will never watch this show again. Is she playing dumb and classless or does she really speak and act like that in real life? What a poor representative for people from her area.

  • Water Lover

    Once again, Krissi’s pronunciation kills me. They don’t have “Thansgivin’ in Itlee”, WTH is “Itlee”? I also think Natasha could win it, but if selling cookbooks is the goal, I don’t think she has the personality for it. She snarls and sneers more than she smiles.