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  • Smidnite

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I am SO over Hetal.

  • JimbobJones

    How could an Indian vegetarian fuck up Indian vegetarian food? That takes a special kind of incompetence.

    But, Duh-livia wasn’t one of the “top 4” — she never had a chance. Katrina, Nick, and Tommy will be gone in the next few weeks, leaving us Hetal, Stephen, Claudia, and Derrick.

    I’m guessing they’re pushing the “drama” for a Stephen/Derrick finale with Derrick winning.

  • Redmeph

    That is much better than my lame assed attempt!

  • cattyfan

    This photo makes me think, “Gordy channels his inner Dobby.”

  • Redmeph

    “Yes, I’m going to be more careful with my next wish”.

  • Kelli3222

    That’s ok, I don’t either, like I said, it just makes me laugh. We can say….come on readers, come up with a caption for this picture!!!! 🙂

  • Redmeph

    I still have nothing. When it comes to pig ears and Scots, I’m running on empty.

  • Kelli3222

    Totally understandable, but as a fan of your blog and because looking at Gordy like this makes me giggle…………

  • Redmeph

    There were a huge amount of things that nearly got put in this week.

    To directly answer your question, I couldn’t think of a good strap line for that picture that I liked, after a re-read.So I canned it.

    I write the cap ‘live’, then I edit it afterwards, I don’t change any of my foolish predictions (as most of them devolve into a 50/50, sometimes I get it right), as I like to put over my raw opinion. And editing the results would be cheating, just to try and make myself seem better at predicting the outcome of a reality tv show. The sheer futility in that endeavor should be clear to all.

    Still, me trying to pretend I’m a cooking guru would be foolish, and untrue – but I like to share my opinions, and I like hearing what others think too.

    I do make changes to things I don’t think work. The pig ears were a victim of this, my joke for them was just absolute rubbish. Also, they weren’t integral to the plot and this week the ‘cap was getting a bit long.

    Hetal is a great cook, but a very, very bad Chef. Duh-livia is a much better chef, but a worse cook. Given time, she’d be a better cook and eclipse Hetal. Hetal simply doesn’t have the talent to organize a kitchen, Olivia does. She thinks in terms of a team, she’d be a valuable addition to any professional kitchen.

    The only time I’d employ Hetal is if I had a large ship I needed sunk for an insurance scam.

  • Pegalicious

    Totally agree re: Hetal. For a vegetarian to be unable to serve delicious vegetarian dishes to VEGETARIANS is a total fail. Maybe she didn’t have solid ideas that could translate to 50 servings, or maybe her leadership sucked enormously, or (most likely) both.

    The winner of this show is supposed to produce a cookbook, right? And a vegetarian cookbook would be something new and different for the Masterchef franchise, wouldn’t it? (My daughter and her sister-in-law are both vegetarians, so I’m sure they’d love something like that.) The fact that Hetal can’t translate her vision to her team and give them guidance makes me question how good her cookbook would be. Apparently she can cook for herself and a small group of people, but I don’t think she’s Masterchef material. Duh-Livia, on the other hand, did show some promise.

  • Deanna Crichley

    I agree, heal should have gone for sure! She’s a terrible leader, and apparently not a great vegetarian.

  • Kelli3222

    Great recap Red. I am so pissed, it so should’ve been Hetal leaving! UGH! I also thought for sure you’d have a screen shot of Gordy holding the pig ears up to his. LMAO I may have to go play mine over again just to grab that screenshot, that was priceless….Gordy, with pig ears. Hahaha