Pope Philly

  • melange

    The Lace / Chad thing was awesome. I wanted it to go on and on.

    I’d love to see Sarah matched up with someone, mostly so she stops showing up on my TV. She’s the female voice of reason but she also irritates me.

    I liked Nick in Kaitlyn’s season – as himself and as the producers’ mouthpiece. Maybe he writes his own stuff, who knows? Either way, he gives good (sound)bites. And at least he got laid.

    I’d LOVE to see Nick as the Bachelor over any of JoJo’s hulking droolers. However, since he’s 35, they’d better have a cast of actual adult women. No more 20-year-olds that act like they’re not even legal yet.

  • notwithoutmytv

    I didn’t get the pet otter I asked for on my birthday in 1979. I’ve been using THAT as an excuse to act like a fulminating dillhole, ever since.

  • notwithoutmytv

    This is a country quite possibly about to elect an individual who says things very similar to Chad. Only he’s not confined to an artificial environment like Chad. (Although maybe the campaign trail is just a DIFFERENT kind of artificial environment. Well, you know what I mean.)

    In short, we get the level of personal character we deserve.

  • itchy

    You know they turned his mike up extra loud. They probably encouraged them to suck face all day, because theywerealready aware of this moaning habit of his. The guy is a total tool, and there’s no doubt Andi wrote the truth about him. Ugh.

  • Safari

    I’m dyin’ ova hea!! PP where’s your awesome recap of this week’s 4 hours of fun? I need to get Josh’s kiss-moaning out of my brain. It has invaded!! Help! What was Chad’s beard all about on After Paradise? So many questions and comments! I’ll be waiting…

  • PopePhilly

    Snarky Nick is my new favorite Nick. 🙂

  • PopePhilly

    I really wish Nick and Jubilee had gone on a date. I can kind of see them together.

  • PopePhilly

    It kills me that so many people find Chad entertaining. Dude is just a straight up ass hole. I’m sorry his mother passed away – I can’t even imagine what type of pain that causes. My own boyfriend lost his mother a few years ago, but he’s never used it as an excuse to act like a giant bag of dicks. I’m glad Chad is gone. I hope we never hear from him again.

    I’m so surprised that I like Nick so much. I wonder if he was getting a less than favorable on The Bachelorette because he was the runner up. Some people have speculated that this is all part of a redemption arc for him to be the next Bachelor. I’d be OK with that – he’d be way more entertaining than Luke.

    Oh, Daniel. You’re right, he’s not very attractive. The funny thing is, on paper he seems like he would be. In real life, something about him looks off. I think he’s in on the joke though – the maple syrup part of the theme song was incredible.

    I’m still not a fan of the twins after the Women Tell All episode. Olivia was just trying to say, “Look, I’m sorry. I just want to move on with my life!” and they kept picking at her. Also, the constant twincest stuff is creepy as hell.

  • jojo mama

    Chad instantly became a permanent stain on humanity with his one-armed remark to Sarah. No redemption there as far as I am concerned but then I am super-judgy and can hold a grudge for eternity. Did he call her a c? I thought he said bitch. Doesn’t matter though, his comment is still heinous. And Chad? Just because your mother died you don’t get a pass to act like a dick.

    Hate to admit it but I am liking Nick. His remark about Chad was great and he was funny.

    I agree with Safari about Daniel. There is nothing remotely attractive about him. His bizarrely long torso, beady eyes, Gumby-like body contortions and “affection” for Chad coupled with his delusion-fueled high opinion of himself (and low opinion of all the women) make him completely unappealing. For the most part, the women are attractive and although Amanda is thirsty, she is not too irritating (yet).

    Poor Jared took some heat on another website for running away from the c-word. (My word that i will never say or write.) My terror is real—to the point where I have nearly fainted from seeing one in person. Can’t even look at a picture. Luckily I was warned when they showed the c-word’s shoes and I looked away. That voice though did start a panic attack.

    How hilar is it that Jubilee is working on her RBF? Makes me love her even more. Don’t mind the twins either. They are sweet and nice and easy on the eyes.

    Shockingly, Evan is not as dweebish as he was on Bachelorette. New hair?

  • Safari

    Must add that wasted Chad in the sand being violated by the crab and morning after Chad realizing he shit himself was priceless.

  • Safari

    oh the sweet joy of Paradise… I finally got to watch it on Friday night and what a fantastic shit show!! Just when i thought Chad couldn’t get any worse… he calls Sara a one-armed C U Next Tuesday. Really Chad?

    Daniel. Who exactly does Daniel think he is? I don’t find him attractive at all. Hysterical in that Canadian sorta way but, I’d pick Nick, Vinny AND The Penis Guy over him any day!! I can’t get on the Handsome Squidward train. Nope. Can’t. Also, after all he’s said about her and whoever’s with her… I love that he’s apparently the sorry sap who ends up falling for Crazy Lacey (according to all the previews).

    Nick. My ‘Sconnie brother. I love that we’re getting to see more of his snarky side. Agreed PP, he had some of the best lines of the evening! 🙂

    Excited for tonight! Hopefully, my power doesn’t go out again… I missed the second half of BB last night because some transfer station got struck by lightning… thanks a lot nature!

  • itchy

    I will be so mightily pleased when they finally boot that asshat Chad from this franchise, but alas, that’s probably not going to happen very soon. Although I do enjoy how oblivious he seems to be that he’s now only there for comic relief.

    I like the twins, and Nick and Jubilee, but that’s about it. The rest of the cast seems more like the B-list.