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Susan Money

Squeezed right out of the middle class, NouveauPoor is a former patent attorney in the throes of long-term unemployment. Disenfranchised by a corporate system that values sucking up and nepotism over true talent, she is currently writing and trying her hand at stand-up comedy, all while seemingly futilely sending out an average of 2.1 resumes a day. Yay economy. After 7 1/2 yrs living in sunny, fabulous Las Vegas, she and her 3 3/4 yo daughter MiniPoor are currently couch surfing with family in her home state of Michigan and trying to figure out how to get back to the desert. NP is eternally grateful to RonnieK, TrashTalkTV, and readers like you for the chance to branch out and make the world a happier place.
  • NouveauPoor

    I am literally writing a book about everything going on with me right now so I’ll spare you the nitty gritty and just apologize profusely. It’s so hard learning to be poor. I keep doing everything wrong which makes it all that much more difficult.

    I finally got the full ‘cap up a few hours ago. I promise to do better from here on out!

  • Emmy

    Where are you NP? Haven’t posted in a while!

  • Chaosbutterfly

    Yesss angry Max and Nev are the best Max and Nev.
    Especially Max. You could tell he just wanted to snatch Bryan up so damn bad.
    I can’t wait for the full recap so we can really talk some shit, but one thing I will say is that in my opinion, Jen got the better end of the stick. She freed herself from that ugly, lying bag of shit before she fell in love with him and got to spend the entire day playing in San Fran with Max and Nev. For free!

    It doesn’t get better than that.

  • Roomom

    I volunteer to sit in the back with Max.

    I wonder if Bryan had any idea that he looked like a total idiot? I know if my daughter brought him to dinner, I’d show him the door after seeing that!!

  • Chicken Lips

    Another thing learned from Catfish – you definitely to not want to piss off Max. Or apparently Nev. Because homies were PISSED!

    Usually I laugh at this show and these insane people, but this one actually made me want to go find that douchebag Bryan and wring his neck. If I had Max’s phone number I’d give him a call and we could ride over together.

    Nev and Max were way too nice at the end.

  • DelusionsOfCandor

    I have to say I was rooting for him to do just that. Max is quickly becoming my favorite person on TV.

  • ginger fox

    arrrgh! last sunday’s episode of drop dead diva, the plot involves a catfish that’s using the main character’s former self as her profile photos! diva is an incredible show, but the fact that it’s so topical is such hilariously quirky ways really blows my socks off.

    hehe, jane just told the guy that he’s been catfished! max needs to be there with his camera constantly running! imma gonna watch the new episode after diva & i couldn’t be more thoroughly stoked. nev just keeps getting more & more adorable :sigh: they do seem a lot looser this season, now they have even more inside jokes & snarky things to say. i think we all can agree that the real relationship that’s fun to watch on the show is nev & max’s, gay or not.

  • ginger fox

    y’all HAVE to check out last

  • I like that they seem to be having more fun this season. Not taking it as seriously, but still being respectful.

  • Roomom

    My daughter and I were seriously waiting for Max to throw a punch at that guy! He kept moving the camera further and further from his eye so I just knew he was going to hand it off and deck him. I luv Max!