Waffle's family would like to go on record and say he was raised by raccoons. You eat out of the garbage one time, and everyone suddenly gets judgmental. He's just going to point out, for the last time, with God as his witness, there was ice cream in that carton. However, the fact of the matter is he was born and has lived about 90% of my life in the Bay Area in Northern California. He's a long time cube monkey (office worker), who spends too much time trying to maximize the money he spends on his cable bill, and has a not so healthy love of all things that are dumb and fun, translation: needless explosions, cable neeckedness, and any time Steven Segal attempts to express human emotion only by squinting.
  • AliceInPopLand

    Seriously no drugs? Thats kinda spookie he lost it like that without pharmaceutical assistance. Always liked that guy, such a laid back demeanor. Hope he gets his crazies out and comes back to earth.

  • Damn you, Waffleboy, for making me laugh at stuff i shouldn’t find funny.

  • Chris Velazquez

    That’s seriously weird. What the hell is going on with MasterChef? First those racist tweets by Krissi, now this with Josh, and I just found out that season 4 contestant Kathy, after having been offered training and a job at Ramsay’s NY restaurant by Ramsay himself, on national fucking television, attended her first day and then was told on her way to the second day at work that they didn’t want her back anymore. What the fuck is going on?