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  • considerthis

    Priest Code Doughboy? Feast Toad Powjoy? Least Rode Wowsoy?

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Heh, BeastMoobsCowboy it is! All I caught was the Cowboy at the end. Has he ever had anything to do with cows other then eat them? All the posturing reminds me of gorillas in the zoo. I always expect them to start lobbing shit.

  • JimmyT

    Caleb apparently is having a relapse of gynecomastia (the growing of breast tissue), probably because of all the roids that he takes. In other words he is really a Beast Moobs Cowboy

  • JimmyT

    @zerocool: I think that Derrick was planning ahead and wanted to have Amber as a potential Plan B. He probably wants to break up Caleb and Amber sooner rather than later. Amber and Christine are definitely at the bottom of the pecking order in their alliance. In other wods, yeah, because she’s a girl.

  • zerocool

    What I really don’t understand is why go after Amber as a “physical threat” when Hayden, who in not in your alliance is an obvious choice. Why did derrick and frankie choose her? Just cause she’s female? Weak.

  • considerthis

    The Miki you are most def “Beast Mode Captioner”

    Agree totally with Aunt Dorsey’s beast mode comment! Why do parents who of their own free will sign up for a show know they could be gone for 3 months sit around a bitch about all they sacrificed to be whoring myself out on TV.

  • DAngelus

    But he is Jewish. Maybe Cody just has a thing for kosher salami; Zach should at least try. Because, seriously, you’re gonna come out of the closet for Frankie? Aim higher, kid.

    Wonderful how Team Amurica (Fuck off!) turned “physical threat” in “Amber” when you know that when people were voting last week, what they meant by “physical threat” is “Caleb or Devin, whichever one you don’t get rid of this Thursday”.

    Cody is highly offended that Brittany thinks he cares about the girls swooning about him and he would NEVER let petty emotions dictate his nominations. Thus he nominates her, because of his hurt pride, which isn’t a petty emotion at all.

    I’m a chess geek, so I zaprudered the comp and worked out all the moves (and posted the result on another site). It took 16 rounds to eliminate Victoria, 15 to box in Brittany, and a whole FIVE moves before Rev. Bowtie voluntarily moved herself to a square that had had all of its possible exits closed off two moves before. She puts her trust in Jesus…because she knows that if she relies on herself, she doesn’t have a prayer.

  • blazergirl

    @moli, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. I guess Zack figured it was the quickest way to guarantee his safety. And since he doesn’t look like Zac Efron, he knew it wouldn’t work with Cody

  • Moli

    @blazergirl, I thought I was the only one who heard that.

  • itchy

    This is the most ‘twisted’ season of Big Brother ever.

  • blazergirl

    Did anyone else catch what Zach said to Frankie right after the HOH contest? I swear Zach said “first, I would bang you” Was I just hearing things?

  • itchy

    Oh, who would have expected that the former bisexual crack whore- turned “minister” was only pretend-speaking in tongues? I’m sure she bought her minister’s license on ebay.

    I can’t wait until Her Royal Highness VICTORIA PRINCESS OF ALL GERBILDOM rises up and conquers this house.

  • l.e.boe

    I don’t know what that was that Jacosta was doing but it was disturbing! With all the vomiting she was doing the week before my first thought was The Exorcist. I was waiting for her head to start spinning and for her to creepy crab walk up the stairs to the HOH room.

  • Shae

    Jocasta was not speaking in tongues, she was just attention whoring. I grew up Pentecostal and real speaking in tongues (if you believe in that) should sound like a language you don’t speak. It supposed to be talking to God. (And many denominations believe that speaking in tongues is only real if someone else is moved to interpret.) Repeating one syllable over and over while crying is standard”look at me!” holy roller fake. My guess is next she’ll bust out repeating the following phrases very quickly, standard ways to fake it: “Who stola my Honda?” and “Come tie my bow tie.”

  • Big Brother isn’t any fun if it’s one sided. I would like to see the ladies do something but I think their chance has slipped away. I want Caleb to stay because he’s eye candy AND crazy. If Donny somehow gets backdoor-ed this week I will not be happy.

    I don’t want to say anything against somebody’s religion BUT Jocasta talking in tongues (?) was freaky. I guess there’s a show biz angle to religion too and we saw it Sunday night.

  • the_spiral

    Funny recap, but hey…who doesn’t love Zac Efron?

  • JalleyToCali

    I bet Cody has a boss Zefron poster. But everybody knows Dumbledore loves Zac Efron most of all.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Your recap was much more entertaining than the show. My dislike of the Little Rascals’ boys-hate-gurls club was cemented by the hypocrisy of Caleb pompously lecturing Joey about her temerity in trying to form an all-vagina alliance to oppose the all-snausage alliance. Bitch, please.

    Caleb climbing on the I hate Amber train, because she rejected his creepy advances, is something I’d expect from a very immature little kid. I wish they’d shitcanned the BurntFalafelCowboy (or whatever douchey moniker he’s calling himself, I can’t understand his marble mouth) and kept that knucklehead Devin.

    Frankie, the thespian legend in his own mind, is SO relieved that his über famous sister is still a secret? What a doofus — as if most adults know who the hell the latest Disney pop tart is. Watching him preen and do his lame accents on BB After Dark is so annoying.

    Holy crap, when Rev. Bowtie started her gibbering, I really thought she was going to have an epileptic fit.

    I’m also really tired of the porcine “Team ‘Merica” traffic cop. (A pencil beard really doesn’t camouflage your double chin, son. You need the “Donny” model to do that.) Survivor underdog syndrome is really kicking in and I want the smug boys’ club to lose their power.

    Why is that idiot Zach always yelling in the DR, doesn’t he know there’s a microphone?

    Between Brittany, Devin, and Deputy Douchebag, I’m sick to death of hearing “I deserve to win, because I’m a parent.” Just. Fuck. Off.