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Floshizzle is an audacious snarker whose passion is shredding any and everything. She's covered a diverse group of crap reality shows, from the daft adults in Dance Moms, to the cagey cast of Mob Wives. Floshizzle's favorite escapes include manic workouts and chocolate binges.
  • Floshizzle

    For “any” not “the any” …..ugh!

  • Floshizzle

    Umpuleezze Kim’s wig is pitiful. That curly wig she is wearing in the first pic? I would not go around telling people it was from my collection! I’d love to see her real hair. Kitty vomit comes to mind.

    She can’t see past her wig because in order to she has to look at some of those Party City clumps she sewed together to make a wig that she is actually wearing first.

    Anthony slays me also and his clients are always happy. Their hair looks great. Same with Terry’s. The rest…. Stank/ghetto/ratchet sums it up. And those words are ones I use for all colors like the ones in all my recaps. For the any non-posters who confuse themselves!

  • Floshizzle

    Hey Heather Keet! thanks for the compliment and I would love to have Tabitha pop up. I’m sure she would call most of them dumb arses. Especially Kim. I wonder if she would make Naja dye her hair one color instead of her current which reminds us she’s stank. Her hair reminds me of a fat skunk.

  • Umpuleeze

    You are so right! When Naja starts looking like the best employee around things are in bad shape! What’s wrong with Kim? She can’t see past her own ego (or wig) to see she treats her own sister like crap? Of course some of the blame has to go to Leah for taking it. If someone leaves I hope it’s not Anthony…he SLAYS me and his clients look pretty good when they leave his chair to me. Figures Naja would end on 69…that’s her other occupation.

  • I am absolutely loving the screenshots you picked out this week. They were perfect and reminded me of how ratchet and skanky this salon is!

    Great recap as usual, Floshizzle! I vote next week they surprise us with Tabatha in the building. I know it’s a slim hope, but I pray for it every single week.

    ~heather~ click my name above to enjoy some hilarious reading!