Mindi Tosh Giordano

Don't tell me reality tv is scripted.
  • Naomi

    It’s MADDIE, not MADI

  • Niaeem

    Selena is not forgettable just saying

  • I loved Selena so much. That was just so sad and incomprehensible that that deranged lady murdered her. It was so senseless, and so tragic; Selena had been so extraordinarily kind to her always. :'(

  • merry

    Love the funny captions, but usually don’t comment, instead just weep for those poor girls who have to deal with being the center of all this stupidity.

    But the “Gone Too Soon” dance somehow just grossed me out. There’s something inappropriate about a bunch of little girls portraying “stars” (level of talent may vary) who almost all devolved into some degree of sad hot mess before suffering tragic, violent, mostly drug-related deaths. Who’s next on Jabby-the-Hutt’s list to honor through dance? Tatum O’Neal, incest accusations and all? Poor, lovely Sharon Tate? I wouldn’t put it past Jabby and her poor taste.

    (PS Madelyne: Selena was a very talented, seemingly very sweet Latina pop star stalked and murdered by the president of her fan club. It was a shame, since she was only in her twenties, I believe, and likely would have gone far. There was a movie made about her starring a very young J-Lo.)

  • Pandora Spocks

    OH MY FUCKING GOD THIS BLOG IS HILARIOUS. I want to write it a sonnet, and cut it out in little stars; So that all the world will be in love with night, and pay no worship to the garish sun 😉 TOO BRILLIANT AND FUNNY!

  • jaymie Frederick

    Cuz she knows her shit? LOL!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG madelyne hahaahaha i just spit my Tim’s all over my desk reading that! hahahaah aI love it!

  • lovetocrochet84

    Did you see the little Pam sermon??

    “Like I said earlier…people should be smarter than to cheer on a team just because that team opposes the team you despise That’s the definition of immaturity. And I checked…that site is despicable. And the way they are behaving on here is no more mature than those they have come to call on. “

  • lovetocrochet84

    Looks like there may be one. Sorry. You guys are funny!!!!!

  • I got a good laugh over there seeing you try to talk to twitbrain maddiefaninfinity 🙂 He/she/it is a hopeless nutjob and will be spamming that place all night trying to get you to “see reason”. Too funny! 🙂

  • Whitney Houston. The angel who died eating a turkey sandwich in her bathtub.

  • shantell

    NO really who was nia was surpose to be because I was really lost?

  • Chicken Lips

    I posted this on the other one by mistake, but I wanted to let you know that I got your back, Madelyne! I’m sure I’ll be deleted or some other such nonsense from the playground over there, but I tried. Bricks all around!

  • Chicken Lips

    Could be fun – kinda like Delusiona pageant moms from TnT.

  • For the love of holy fuck, please tell us that you will not allow that bunch of crazies invade here.

  • Download “Real One Player”. That downloads the shows without having to use “iffy” downloaders 🙂

  • haha… you rock… just not a replying.

  • Chicken Lips

    So close! I’m not sure why there’s an issue – I’m not tech in any way but I have to fake it for my job so here are my rudimentary questions that I usually ask of equally tech adverse people – what browser are you using, is it happening with every browser? Clear cache/cookies?

    That’s the extent of my expertise. Don’t know if it will help, but maybe.

  • Moli

    Soooooo basically Melissa, Melissa’s friends and family are basing Chloe. Looks like Chloe goes to a performing arts school where she get extensive dance training AND goes to another studio for additional lessons. Chloe also has a bad attitude that is HEAVILY EDITED, so we never see it. Christie is a raging alcoholic who is also a bad mother. Melissa is a saint who scarifies sooo much for her only daughter Maddie who is the princess of dance. Possibly Sophia was too ‘scared’ to go up against the Princess of Dance.

  • fuck



    MUah ha ha ha ha

  • hahaah Lovetocrochet pulling a ‘Melissa’ with that cease and desist are you ? lol all the crazies at the lifetime site need a little T&T punishment a la ‘a brick and a bag’

  • NO MOLI!!!! save yourself!!!!!

  • lovetocrochet84

    That was Pam, or as I like to call her, Pampers. She’s the resident “I know everything”. She does..just ask her. *lol*

  • lovetocrochet84

    I guess you went there because of my comment. Can you ever forgive me???

  • lovetocrochet84

    Oh honey..trust me you don’t want that as a friend. They couldn’t break me down so they googled me and brought up all kinds of dirt about me. I have a cease and desist on one of them.

  • lovetocrochet84

    Part of the problem is that the site doesn’t have threads you can click into. That board is kind of like this one. All the comments are out there to see. I think the girl who referred us to this site meant it for Chloe fans, but everyone gets to see it so they came and read as far as the pillow comment and then milked that for all it was worth.

  • Moli

    You’ve got my interest heading over

  • Dipwad

    try project free tv……I get all my stuff there!

  • ellemenop

    maybe it’s Abby. or maybe it’s Mackenzie, and Melissa makes her patrol message boards defending Melissa’s “real” daughter before she’s allowed to eat, shower, sleep, etc.

  • (sorry guys couldnt stay away, slow day at work!) I just looked at the Lifetime msg boards and HOLY SHIT ON A CRACKER HIPOCRITICAL ASSHOLES BATMAN!!!!!!!!!

    The basic gist of it was, “Maddies great! She only comes across as less than perfect because the show is HEAVILY EDITED’ and ‘Chloe sucks, she takes dance lessons at another studio and goes to a performing arts school and takes extra ballet classes and she still cant beat Maddie’ and ‘Christie is a raging alcoholic bitch. I would never let my kids near her’

    HOLY FUCKBALLS PEOPLE!!! Okay first of all if you are going to use the excuse of HEAVY EDITING to gloss over the bad parts of your favourite girl, then you should also apply that grain of salt when looking at how the OTHER girls and parents are portrayed!!!!

    Jesus, at least here, we are a snark site, and we know we are a snark site, and we make fun of all the girls. We comment on the show AS IT IS SHOWN!!!

    Sorry Rant over I found my xanax/adderall smoothie packets so i’m all good

  • the wrong Spock

    okay ,if *Maddiefanforeverandever* is NOT Melissa, then I’m super concerned and creeped out by her level of obsession. that is all.

  • SickledFeet

    You even have the resident pedophile all up in arms and it makes me laugh so hard.

  • omg seriously. i am stopping this shit NOW! grrrr

  • I know what school shooting that is referring to!!!!!!!! haha yay for me. Yes Chloe needs to get to a better teacher ASAP. BUT! I do think that she is learning valuable lessons in how to let criticisms and mean comments just roll of your back and to prove them wrong by training and becoming better. But jesus christ Christie. Close your vagina (i know it likes the money but COM ON!! You want Chloe to have a better life than you had right???!!! Well Abby’s abuse may be sugar coated (barely) but its still abuse. Get Chloe into a real studio. Hey Maybe this AMAZING studio Larkin that we heard for 30 seconds would be a good choice. Abby isnt part of any of the professional dance teacher associations any more and doesnt go to any real competitions so what are you afraid of again?

  • brebay

    I’d much rather see Maddie grow up to be a miserable failure than die in her prime and become the martyr her mother wants her to be…

  • Hi! I am debra. I pop in over at Lifetime now and then, but you saw for yourself that the crazies took the place over. 🙂 My recommendation is to keep doing exactly what you do so well here! Let them foam at the mouth. 🙂 Those twits wouldn’t recognize satire if it slapped them in the face. Your recaps are fabulous!!!!

  • jrb

    Wow, I’ve never been over to that forum before, but those people are f-ing nuts. If you can’t have fun with this show, then why even watch it? I’m 100% convinced that everyone on that board is paid and/or a Melissa family member. Otherwise they are just delusional and should probably be institutionalized. It is super creepy for adults to be that obsessed with a child.

  • StarryNight5555

    Now someone on the Dance Moms forum is saying that you are not really the author of this blog.

  • Chicken Lips

    I tried to read the comments over there but it seems like Maddiefanforeverandever is that quaint combination of “broken record” and “suffering from diarrhea of the fingers” and it is hard to get past. I’d bet 5 bucks and my left nut that he/she/it is either Melissa, Mr. Melissa or Mr. Melissa’s attorney.

  • i only support bashing dead puppies with baby seals. but seriously, i picked THIS WEEK to not take Xanax or Tylenol PM or ZzzQuil and now my brain is going to explode. They think I’m into pedophilia bc I can safely assume Brooke has given a BJ or too? How is that pedophilia? Bc Brooke is short? That heightism, and I’m anti-that.

    Kill seals with puppies. and FREE VIVI.

  • the wrong Spock

    oh my gosh, Chicken Lips that made me laugh soooooooooo hard. Even though everyone knows you can’t club a baby seal with a dead puppy because they are too fluffy!!

    (Please brick bashers, understand that I am super emotional and cry easily about anything remotely sad or touching … I still can’t hold together for those old hallmark commercials. However, I would totes cut somebody for hurting an animal.)

    Madelyne… it’s funny that the Maddie fan for infinity times infinity (do not correct me) is allegedly a grown ass woman and chose that to be her username. I wonder if she’s related to Nancy from T&T page. She thinks we’re sick and horrible people, too.

    I happen to think you (and most of the Trashmiis) are fantastic and funny as all get out!