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Susan Money

Squeezed right out of the middle class, NouveauPoor is a former patent attorney in the throes of long-term unemployment. Disenfranchised by a corporate system that values sucking up and nepotism over true talent, she is currently writing and trying her hand at stand-up comedy, all while seemingly futilely sending out an average of 2.1 resumes a day. Yay economy. After 7 1/2 yrs living in sunny, fabulous Las Vegas, she and her 3 3/4 yo daughter MiniPoor are currently couch surfing with family in her home state of Michigan and trying to figure out how to get back to the desert. NP is eternally grateful to RonnieK, TrashTalkTV, and readers like you for the chance to branch out and make the world a happier place.
  • DelusionsOfCandor

    I’m assuming they got his permission since we saw a photo too. Must have been a legit mistake and he thought it was funny?

  • Curious, can they just say Mr. Levourne’s name on TV or did they get his permission?

  • Every now and then it is nice to have a happy ending.

  • NouveauPoor

    Derek is supposedly two years older than Lauren. He was 16 when they met.

  • How old was Derek when they started talking? She was 14….

  • My question is: how old is Derek??? That might explain things! She is 22…hence only been “legal” for 4 years… Derek looks mid/late 20s! 18 year old chatting with a 14 year old? What if he is 30!? I’m curious!!

  • Moli

    They were too cute for words. Sigh I was catfished by the show.

  • Chicken Lips

    He probably carries that camera around so he can get himself a nice set of prints so he can put together the scrapbook of “I knew it was all lies – I TOLD YOU SO!” to give to Nev at the season wrap party.

    I’ll bet he was big pissy when it turned out Derek was real and R. LeVourne was an unexplained mystery…unless Derek is catfishing someone else using the fake profile R. LeVourne.

    Maybe next week Nev and Max will start the show in Baltimore, MD and go to the woman that is in an online relationship with R. LeVourne and then we’ll find out it is really Derek.

    Can you imagine how awesome that would be?!?!?!

  • Kari

    After we found out Derek was who he said he was, all I kept thinking was WHO IS LAVOURNE!!! That was all I cared about!! I was not satisfied, either, with the “he’s trying to have the registration changed.”

  • NouveauPoor

    Yeah, there was no catfish. It’s not Catfish? it’s Catfish.

    Also, I knew going into watching that they ended up together so I think maybe it kind of ruined it for me? I thought they were darned cute myself. But still no catfishery.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    Man, my grinchy heart was torn apart by this episode.
    On one hand, I thought Lauren was adorable (if slightly infantile) and I wasn’t looking forward to her getting hurt. Or not that much anyway. Less than I look forward to seeing other catfish get hurt. Slightly less.I also liked that she told Max to shut the fuck up in the car. He’s a dick and I like that, but it was just funny to see him be all taken aback.
    So when Derek turned out to be an good-looking honest dude with just a bad case of she’s so high above me, I was kind of happy for her.

    But then the happy music started playing and everyone was smiling and laughing and kissing and there was so much joy and deep inside, my soul began to scream for blood. Because as nice as a happy ending is, I’m not here for that.
    It’s much more fun when people get their feelings and hearts smashed into itty bitty pieces, and that’s what I feel Catfish is all about. Anything less is a lie.

    In a way, I guess we all were catfished. By Catfish. 🙁

  • NouveauPoor

    Omg he so is, and I can’t get enough of it either! He so seems like he’d rather be any other place than where they are all the time and it cracks me up.

    Also, why does he still carry around that camera?!? It’s so silly, especially when you can see him with his camera and then the show cameras right behind him. Other people are filming, Max. You can stick to…well, being a dick.

  • Chicken Lips

    My favorite part was when Max was all Debbie Downer to Nev’s Optimistic Ollie. God that Max is such a dick. I love it!

  • NouveauPoor

    These comments are so great, almost mirroring what I found to be the general internet response. It seems like almost 50/50 between people who thought this was awesome and people who thought that if there is no catfish it shouldn’t be on Catfish. Love!

    Side note: I just totally had a panic attack because I thought I’d misspelled Chewbacca. Thankfully my good child-of-the-80s name is still intact. Love you Chewie!

  • queensmove

    Kind of disappointed that it was actually Derek and not an old black guy.

    I say this episode was fake to give us at least one no lies happy ending. I mean for they met on myspace for cripes sake.

  • CynTV

    Now you and I know this should have been a mess of nuclear proportions. I was so relieved when Derek actually walked out of his home.
    I also watched an interview on MTV where Niev asked them if they had sex yet. I would have punched him in his face. How tacky. And that boy needs some laser treatment.

  • Jay

    After we found out that Derek wasn’t the black dude, I fell into a deep sleep. I don’t watch catfish for happy endings

  • SuzieZee

    Honestly, that was great.