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Hepburn hails from the City of Brotherly Love and currently lives in The City of Angels. It is her mission to live in every ironically-named city that exists. She loves "Improvisational comedy" (aka make 'em ups), Dogs, Cheese, BBC programming, Red Wine, Carbs, Ronnie K., Pinterest, Reality TV, her cute-ass family and snarky commenters. She is currently in desperate need of a vacation and/or drugs that make her feel like she's on a vacation. She's is specifically on a quest to find the (alleged) drugs from Mexico that Rachel Zoe gave Nicole Richie in 2002. She is also (obviously) guilty of TMI.
  • Aunt Dorsey

    I think I’ve finally discovered one reason for Countess LuLu’s surgical removal from my craw this season — the sudden dearth of “Dahlings” punctuating every word. That insipid little affectation drove me nuts.

    Delicious ending, I’m so hoping Sonja got Dubined. After suffering through all those seasons of the Countess brown nosing the fabulous Lady Morgan, this would make the perfect ending. As far as Harry being loaded, I’d always heard that mumsy and pater controlled the purse strings.

    A little bit of Sonja goes a very long way, so I don’t know why the editors decided to give old Loose Lips more air time yarping on about her elegant lifestyle. Unless the crew can’t stand her. I ambled over to her web site one day and read every bit of her self-aggrandizing prose about what a mover and a shaker she is. Who knew that a gold digging restaurant hostess had such a profound impact on world affairs.

    What bunch of morons would put a puppy five feet above the floor as a display object. Idiots.

    @Claire — Little Seminole babies must have had more than a bad case of diaper rash then……if there were also chigger-like bugs loitering in the Spanish Moss. I’d like to get Sonja a pair of training pants made out of Spanish Moss. It would probably improve her caburlesque.

  • Hepburn

    Love the comments- as always! My husband keeps looking over at me -“What’s so funny?” he asks.
    “Spanish Moss has bugs in it….Ramona weeping and no tears…Aviva’s leg….”
    Breakfast today is almost as quiet as Lizzie dinner as my husband wonders if I have *finally* lost my last remaining marbles. Hahaha.

  • “Aviva could throw herself in front of a speeding bullet to save someone’s life and I would believe it was for good PR – or her bullet collection.” “I. Die”!!!

  • I was really hoping the leg would fall off. And Aviva would be lying on the ground as Reid stared at another lady and didn’t notice.

    But I bet it will end up being a big disappointment. Like this season was.

    ~heather~ click my name above to enjoy some hilarious reading!

  • ReiR

    Absolutely agreed on the pet store stuff. Great recap as always!

  • Pat Johnson

    Ramona “weeping” in the back seat of the taxi was priceless! Not one tear in either of her bug eyes.

  • Claire

    Didn’t Sonja act like she wasn’t friends with LuAnn?

  • Claire

    Spanish moss has bugs in it that bite. Nice party favors for the guest to go home with

  • Umpuleeze

    Sonja was angry LuAnn didn’t tell her about breaking up so she could stop being jealous LuAnn had a man…Sonja called her a pig in Montana….is she a friend? Don’t think so. Harry looked way too drunk to perform..he and Lu probably went for a drink to talk and help her ego a bit…she has his number…Sonja is a slut..just like Harry….they would never do a one on one thing for long. Unless she has access to his money as Mrs. Harry…which is what she wants. The cash. I too was totally PISSED OFF about the dog thing….I hope that never happens..poor animal. How do people share a dog when they live in different places? SO stupid. I love Carole ..but the apple picture did make it way too easy….love the recap and the captions….can’t wait for next week…it’s my birthday AND Aviva’s leg hits the floor….I’m more excited about the leg.