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I write RHOBH recaps and record Audiobook versions of the blog. I also co-host the podcasts Watch What Crappens, Rose Pricks Bachelor Roast, and Big Brother Smother. Find me on Twitter and Instagram, or get all my links at RonnieKaram.com.
  • S. Marie

    You guys are hysterical. Count me as a new fan/follower

  • Stevie W.

    Hilarious as usual and now I will have to watch Game of Crowns! Last week on vacation I listened to all the prior podcasts I could because the stupid WIFI was out on the plane, I laughed I cried it was awesome! Then when I got to my destination, I walked into the hotel room and there on the table was a giant photo picture book of Alexander MCQueen and immediately burst into a fit of giggles.

  • skipper

    Ben, you’re killing me. I’m sitting here in a beautiful area of Rhode Island, all nautical and stuff and I’m getting bummed. I left the old money waspy area of NJ for the old money waspy area of RI (and not Newport) and the stigma still follows me? Now I’m terrified to watch Game of Crowns.

  • flour child

    Here I am, at work, listening to you two while I am working (I write a weekly article in the local paper) discreetly with my earbuds in when Ben starts the whole ‘what will Annabelle’s hips sound like’ conversation. I burst out laughing and instantly everyone wants to know to which podcast am I listening. Now everyone knows my little secret, that I am a Bravo whore and I listen to you every week.

    I want to add that I am amazed that the two new shows that I watch, ‘Ladies of London’ and ‘Game of Crowns’ could not be more different (unless it’s ‘The Queen Elizabeth Show’ and the ‘Mississippi Trailer Park Wives’) yet they are on the same channel! Bravo!