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Miss Ellie Font

Miss Ellie Font is a former Army Brat, lives in the beautiful western United States, loves to travel, and has an extensive elephant collection, And thinks the world revolves around Vodka.
  • shan

    so what song is playing after they take shots at the party

  • Carol

    @Heather Keet – I think Khloe said something along the lines of Kim hating faux fur and wouldn’t touch/wear anything except real fur. Khloe was the one that ‘modeled’ for that PETA poster/ad. Khloe was making fun of Kim and her love of real fur by spray painting her fake fur with ‘fxck yo fur’

  • yaya

    Thanks for watching this so i dont have to

  • Clair

    This show is just so stupid.

  • So I don’t like to be all judgey about people…..


    Sorry, I had to focus to keep a straight face! Anywhoo, these bitches are the WORST dressers in the world. Almost every outfit leaves me befuddled and wondering how much they spent on such a hideous garment.

    ~heather~ click my name above to enjoy some hilarious reading!

  • I have to admit, I’m confused on the fur. Wasn’t this the family that did the “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” campaign for Peta?

    What the hell did I miss?

    Or are they just flat out pulling the hypocrisy card and not giving a shit?

    ~heather~ click my name above to enjoy some hilarious reading!

  • Hardashian

    Love your recaps! Very detailed and funny! I specially like the funny photographs included. Very nice.