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  • Leslie

    James looks like Rick Springfield.

    That’s all for now.

  • AmberAtkins

    I loved the eric entrance to the garbage song. Classic 90’s and one of my favorite scenes in the entire series.

  • rammygrrl

    This was not only one of the best episodes of the season, but the series.

    I loved it all, even the Terry-Vision. If the vision wasn’t “real” then it was in Arlene’s head, and since Sookie was also in Arlene’s head, she would see him, too. Terry said the things that Arlene already knew, that she has three kids to take care of. That’s always been Arlene’s driving force, regardless of whatever man she’s with — her children. Anyway, that’s all to say that that scene didn’t really bother me.

    I forget to appreciate True Blood sometimes, and weaker episodes don’t help, but then I’m binge-watching something like Supernatural (which I never watched before), and realize how much better that show would be with sex and nudity and sub-text made text…

    True Blood gave us Jason/Eric, after all. Man, I’m going to miss True Blood when it’s over.

  • vallegirl

    I liked seeing Ginger get her story told. Tara Buck’s been game for anything they forced on Ginger, and always very funny while she was at it, so I was glad she got her moment in the spotlight.

    But, Sookie. Oh, Sookie. Never once acknowledging that this boyfriend she loved died BECAUSE OF HER IDIOCY. No, just her own misguided righteousness barging in and demanding people find her problems paramount then leaving others to clean up the mess she makes.

    It would have been great if, when she got all pissy with Bill that he couldn’t up more vampires, he pointed out that the local vamps refuse to follow Sookie anywhere since she has this habit of getting everyone else killed.

  • unbeldi

    My thoughts pretty much align with yours, with one exception. While it was a bit clunky, the Arlene/Terry/Sookie “death” scene seemed important. Sookie now “knows” that there is something beyond her traditional view of death — other than vampires. But the question is, will that factor in somehow in the remaining episodes?

    It was so enjoyable watching the flashbacks with Eric and Pam, giving us the back story on Fangtasia. Having Ginger involved and the one who actually came up with the concept was brilliant! She’s always been a fun character.

    Speaking of Fangtasia, I refuse to believe that Jason was THAT stupid to tell Rosie — a known member of the idiot village mob — where the HepV vampires were holding the hostages. Just what is in the Stackhouse genes?

    The fight scene at Fangtasia was satisfying just from the perspective that the idiot village mob finally was destroyed along with the HepV vampires. The one thing I was sorry about was that Kenya didn’t have a change of heart and fight on the “good” side. I didn’t like that Karen was able to “turn” her with the whole racial/gender thing.

    Jane Bodehouse surviving the HepV vampire feeding frenzy was surprising. Like Kevin, I thought she was taken to be expendable so that Arlene, Holly, and Nicole could be saved. It seemed like at least one more should have been needed to keep the vampires going.

    Very glad they gave us more of Lafayette and James. They have terrific chemistry.

    Overall, a decent episode.