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Pope Philly

  • considerthis

    Seems almost cruel that the producers arranged a horseback riding date AFTER back2back pounding parties with Sick Nick and Josh the Anaconda. All that bouncing in the saddle made me cringe in sympathy. On the other hand, maybe she had such a funny walk (you know like she just got off a horse) that the producers said let’s cover for her? Yet another Fliess curveball.

    Also thanks Pope for pointing out that indeed Nick is no fashionista. He is straight up Garanimals.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    Yup, they need to lively up this show — it’s sooooooo boring, I keep nodding off and have to start again at the beginning which makes me grumpy. It’s like being punished.

  • itchy

    With this show, by the time they get to the hometown dates, I always think: “Wow, this season has just flown by.” And by the time they show the ‘fantasy suite’ dates, I think: “Jeez, could this season drag on any longer?’

    As much as I do enjoy Andi’s exceedingly earnest expressions, this season has been a bit of a bore. She definitely got short-changed on the adventure-dating part. Guess they blew their wad with Juan Pablum.

    Meanwhile, all of a sudden Josh is no longer getting a douchebag edit? Suspicious, much?

    Can’t wait ’til the Men Tell All. That’s going to be a LO-O-O-NG five minutes.