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Dear Crabby is a TVGasm alum with her main credits being Toddlers & Tiaras, Ugly Betty and Celebrity Apprentice. Likes include black martinis, blue cheese burgers, and dark chocolate, and the treadmill that allows for those meals. Dislikes include children of any kind and stupid people who don't get her jokes. Hobbies include her dogs, chickens, gardening, harshly judging others and binge-watching shows on Hulu and Netflix now that the cord to the evil cable company has been cut.
  • TN Gal

    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa and her name is Dear Crabby! I am sooooo thrilled you are recapping this T&T-35-years-later mess.

  • MisRed

    I’d like to post a disclaimer… being a Connecticut’er, I can vouch that I have never seen anything like these ladies in my area, and I swear they imported these slags from another state…and perhaps another decade. Yikes.

  • Hatched One

    thankyou Aunt Dorsey. Bravo really has the lock on highbrow entertainment. sorry for the double post.

  • Lizz

    Aunt Dorsey,
    These ladies are actually from RI and CT. Susanna and Pauly D are from the same town.

  • Taliba

    These women are the worst;they are by far more immature, meaner, (and not as cute as), the kids from Toddler and Tiara. The meanest is the one who talks about her Native American heritage; Vanassa (which she has none of the dignity and sensitivity you think of from this rich culture); and this is a hard group to beat for meanness the one from New Jersey is a doozy too! Will see how long I can stand to watch this.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    @Hatched One — Bravo

  • Hatched One

    What network had the vision to host this gem? I completely missed it!

  • Hatched One

    What network is carrying this gem? I completely missed it!

  • whoochile

    DearCrabby I am soooo happy you are recapping this! Sparkle baby!

  • Aunt Dorsey

    That fight in the airport about who “wore it better” was hilarious. Both ladies (?) look as if they’ve been shopping at Kim “I run wit da big boys” D.’s Posche boutique.

    New Jersey might want to put a contract out on Wonky-eyed Andy. Bravo isn’t exactly enhancing the Garden State’s reputation.