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  • wcsdancer

    “Lenny would be a nice change if he can pull it off, win this thing, and not turn into the creature that is Guy Fieri.” Too late. That ship is ready to sail, which is why he’ll probably win.

    I like Loreal well enough, but as this show goes on, her accent gets more pronounced. It feels like the producers are telling her to ‘go bigger’ or something like that. I keep thinking that some of these folks (Lenny, in particular) are verging on being caricatures, and it dawns on me that FN encourages that! See Guy Fieri, Paula Deen, Rachel Ray.

    I, too, can’t understand why the network loves Sarah so much. I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t stand her.

  • blueberrypancake

    Sara is annoying as hell- bye girl bye! I also can’t stand Emma- she seems full of 100% bullshit inner tiny timid attitude voice and farm to table yada yada. Luca is nice to look at – so he’s got that goin for him. I am actually ok with Lenny or Loreal walking away with it. I can see how Loreal could annoy some people. I prefer an annoying brash chick over an annoying mousey chick 🙂

  • Chaosbutterfly

    I just feel like this season, everyone is annoying and nobody can cook.
    Chris was less annoying than Sarah, but he was still pretty annoying and to be fair, he has universally been a horrible presenter. His timing is always off or he doesn’t meet the goals of the challenge. Or his food is nasty. Or all three! At least Sarah can present.
    And like I said, nobody can cook, so that’s a moot point.

    Even though they only brought Luca back to feed to him Giada’s vag, I am happy he’s here.
    He may end up being irritating too, but at least he’s gorgeous.

    Lenny could be likeable, but he doesn’t know when to stop.
    He could have just sold his burger and done his yeehaw thing and that would have been enough. More than enough, matter of fact, since apparently none of his competitors have ever cracked a dictionary or thesaurus and have the vocabulary of a dumb kindergartener.
    He didn’t have to do a belly flop on top of it, and he definitely did not have to take off his shirt. Again.
    I think he said before that all the unnecessary extra-ness stems from self-confidence issues and trying to overcompensating for what he thinks he lacks, but ain’t nobody got time for that, nor is anyone here for that. People want to see and eat yummy food.
    Not see Lenny’s naked body cavorting about for attention and adoration.
    He needs to go see a therapist and get that shit worked out.

  • andyourlittledogtoo

    It looks like Lenny’s tattoo is The Tick??? To me, anyway.

    According to Alton on his FN blog, the producers lurve Sarah,which is why she is shoved in our faces constantly and keeps getting saved. She is probably the contestant most likely to make me stop watching this thing before the end. The producers love her, but as far as I can see from comments here, at previouslytv, and on FN’s own site, she is pretty universally loathed.

    Giada was going to get Luca back no matter who she has to kill to do it is my thinking. She has been really nasty and biased this season. When she doesn’t like someone she can’t contain her loathing of them and pans them mercilessly. But Luca makes her blood sing so I imagine he is going to stay this time if she has to coach him herself after hours.

    I’m okay with Lenny, he seems fake but harmless enough and his food looks good. I could see him doing segments on western cooking, outdoor cooking, cast iron cooking — as long as it’s not all that Little House on the Prairie crap FN has been shoving at us lately. So tired of the farmer’s wives contingent they have dominating their weekend cooking schedules. Not as tired as of Italian, but getting there. Lenny would be a nice change if he can pull it off, win this thing, and not turn into the creature that is Guy Fieri. Tall order.

  • My problem with Nicole is that you CAN use prosciutto and call it Coastal Cuisine. I lived in Naples, Italy (which is on the coast of Italy) and ate prosciutto at least 3 times a week. It would be Italian Coast versus Spanish Coast, but still coastal. Why didn’t she just go with that? Mention that you can use Serrano ham and Spanish spices and have a whole different dish. Easy. I won’t trust someone who lies about the ingredients they are using. Way to think things through, Nicole.

    Sarah is just annoying. And I’m finding Loreal more and more annoying as episodes go on. I liked Chris, so am bummed he’s gone. But he wasn’t really improving in presentation, was he? I would have rather Sarah had gone home. She’s sounding more and more pagenty and catty. The last straw for me was her claiming that the tenderloin was hers because TEXAS. Um… Everywhere else in the Midwest uses tenderloin too, jerk. Besides, it’s a competition, why would Chris share it? Just stupid all the way around.

    Emma for the win!

  • K-Cee

    Thanks, all, for your comments! I am so glad to hear I’m not the only one annoyed by Sarah (or tired of seeing Lenny’s chest hair)! I was afraid I was just getting cranky, so it’s nice to have the sanity check!

  • Pegalicious

    K-Cee, if they ever have such a show (and, given the current batch of “reality” programs, why wouldn’t they?), you’re a shoo-in. And PLEASE don’t correct the autocorrect corrections; they’re priceless!

  • Pegalicious

    Wow, Ash, you’ve eased the withdrawal symptoms of a dyed-in-the-wool teevee-acholic! Thanks so much!

  • ash310

    Pegalicious, go to Project – Free TV and select TV Shows. This show is listed under The Next Food Network Star and it has the current season showing.

  • Wilston

    Sarah should have been sent home a long time. She reminds me of Penny from one of the earlier cycles. She argues and back talks. That’s acceptable, I opine. I thought one was rewarded for his or her humility. This is the second week Lenny is baring his raunchy chest and stomach for the national and international viewers. I imagine that’s what makes you a food network star. Last week Chris had the best product ever seen in any Food Network Star competition. He was commended for his YOUTUBE presentation. His overall delivery improved this week, yet he was sent home. Again, the subjectivity when there are two judges evaluating contestant’s performances. Again, I maintain that Mentors should never be judges, since neutrality and objectivity are normally obscured and in some instances, totally lost.

  • Wilston

    The judging on Food Network Star sucks. It is very subjective. If the judges don’t like your head, then you are in danger of being sent home. The mentors should never be the judges. This compounds the biasedness. They always send home the person with personality. I thought the focus or intent of the show is who can capture and retain the attention of viewers who would be mesmerized by the way they present their POVs on camera and tasting the food vicariously but not in actuality. With each new season, I get more and more disgusted of the judging.

  • Courtney

    Am I the only one who thought Giada looked like Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct at the final judging…all she needed was a few leg crossings

  • K-Cee

    Pegalicious, clearly I am now auditioning for “Damn You, Autocorrect”!

  • The Critic

    I am so sick of Sarah! Almost every little sidebar comment in this episode was from Sarah. Is she now hosting the show? This really worries me because it’s a sign the producers want her to stay as long as possible to keep her constant commentary coming. Please – No!!!!

    Just kill me now.

  • Pegalicious

    Oh, K-Cee, what would I do without your wonderful recaps now that I don’t have cable teevee (and can’t figure out how to watch “Food Network Star” online for free)? And the periodic autocorrect gem, such as “[Nicole] recovers extremely well from the loss of her scalp”? (That visual image is awesome.)

    Fortunately, I did see the first few episodes and got to see these clowns, um, contestants, and your descriptions of their personalities and presentations bring it to life for me. So thanks again for these great recaps!

  • Oh goodness I am with you. Sarah is jar truly annoying. I would not watch her show at all. Also, laughing at Nicole was just childish and uncalled for. But, she survives another episode.