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If there were ever a situation where in which I had to choose between cheese and chocolate, cheese would win hands down. I spend my days writing blog posts, and my nights harshly judging people who appear on reality shows. If there is the odd weekend in which I am not working, or feeling smugly satisfied about my lack of my own reality show, I will build a blog for my friends. Then, I will spend the rest of my weekend conning other friends, family members, and general acquaintances to donate their talents to help out. I am shameless in my love of free stuff, blue humor, and great or even terrible fiction. I tell my friends that I watch reality shows to feel better about myself. In actuality, I watch them because I am vastly entertained by the things people will do to be famous. When Flipit asked me to join the TVGasm family, I was honored. When he said that I would be paid in Cheetos, I was TOTALLY in.
  • labowner

    They all talk shit like they are bad and it’s the little blonde cutie who has done some time and because of that she is holding her own. That is something they can’t deal with. She is the wall they all just hit.

    Do they have access to the life coach at all times or only talk to her when she is there for camera time?

    Plath, you’re silly.

  • the_spiral

    Damn, this may be the pettiest group of camera hogging hair pulling hos yet. I can’t believe the trifling things they choose to blow up over. Phone voices? Middle names? I think the problem is most of these girls are incredibly boring and have nothing to start “real” drama about, so they’re forced to get extra over petty things to give producers the conflicts they want.

    I hope they keep the life coach for future seasons, because she’s really good at bringing out the girls’ underlying “issues.” The whole confrontation with Redd was uncomfortable because her behavior toward Laura resembled a bratty child throwing a tantrum. I think she’s projecting all kinds of weird maternal issues onto her life coach with the childish threats and screaming into a pillow. Also Laura is attractive, confident, and put-together—all things which Redd oh-so-clearly believes she’s not—so there’s some body insecurity involved too. I think Redd comes from a very weird dysfunctional family (as if boinking her sister’s husband wasn’t a clue.)

    I think it’s obvious the other girls are pressed over Jada because she has a cute body, an outgoing personality that gets attention, and she makes it clear she isn’t intimidated nor does she give a flying f**k about their opinions. These girls are fundamentally insecure and need cliques like the “Fab 4” to feel comfortable, so to see someone who is more independent fills them with jealousy. That’s why they have to come up with DUMBA$$ petty ish like her “phone voice” to manufacture conflict, and why she keeps calling them out for it.

  • labowner

    Nana Watch Series

  • Nana

    Does anyone have a link where I can watch episodes that I missed for free?? Please help!

  • classy drunk

    I went to Auburn so I have really good friends from Mobile and the running joke about them is that they are CRAZY!!! So sadly I am not surprised by Loren’s antics. But normally like you said you guys are crazy for a reason.