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  • Danator

    Actually, to double nerd out – I believe in that interview he said that contestant he had sexual tension with was eliminated, and then he saw him again at the finale and almost made a move but was still too chicken (and almost had a panic attack over it). I believe there was a lot of speculation that it was Ivan… although at this point we could probably tie love connections between everyone…

  • wcsdancer

    Re: the Travis/Benji thing, I’ve mentioned a series with Benji that was on Mormon Stories (youtube) several times. He did speak of a mutual attraction with an unnamed male castmate and a near kiss. At the time he was still heavily following Mormon teachings and in denial/closeted about his sexuality. I think that might have made the relationship strained, but from what I’ve read, they are cordial and mutually supportive.

  • mcweanis

    okay, what s up with casey’s eyes? is he part asian and only half his face got the memo? the asymmetry is killing me!

  • Corinthia

    ack. I mean invisible R not silent R of course. what a dolt.

  • Corinthia

    In other news… Emmy nominations announced this last week! Now this isn’t
    technically a spoiler since they are already announced, but still if you want to
    wait and hear it from Nigel’s mouth while he fluffs himself up like a peacock,
    then DON’T read the following…

    SYTYCD nominated For Best Reality Show… Yay!

    Cat nominated as best host… Double Yay!

    And choreographers nominated:
    Tabitha Duno & Napoleon Dumo
    (some web sites annoyingly just list him and omit her,
    but the actual Emmy’s web site lists the pair)
    Mandy Moore
    Christopher Scott
    Travis Wall
    Derek Hough (you know, from that “other” dance show)

    (sorry, no Sonya this year, boo hoo)

    Oh, and the reminds me (and yes, here comes another tangent), since it was
    “off-season” SYTYCD wise, I never got to mention to you all about last year’s
    Emmy awards show. It was the first time ever they did the choreography awards
    during the actual awards show (rather than offscreen with the “technical”
    awards. Now, we never actually watch the Emmy’s in their entirety here (so so
    long!), but we will flip back to it every so often to see if this is something
    interesting going on… So one time hubby flips back to it and they’re in
    the middle of a production number, which generally means flipping immediately
    *away* because they are almost always just so lame… But this one somehow
    catches our eye and we stay… Because to our surprise, it’s actually pretty
    cool. Dancers posed in giant boxes, in costumes to represent various TV shows,
    and then one by one the groups do dances about the TV shows. A rather neat
    effect, like giant dioramas coming to life, and great dancing too.

    And my husband’s like, “what IS this, it’s not like the standard lame-o number
    … and then they start flashing Chorography Emmys in giant lighted letters, and
    there they are, up on the stage! And I squeal and say to my husband “Look!
    There’s Sonya! Tabitha & Napoleon! And Travis, Mandy, Allison! We KNOW them!”
    Which was obviously beyond stupid and fangirly, since of course we don’t really
    “know” them … but in a weird way it kinda felt like we did, and just soooo
    exciting to see them on that stage, especially because for us at least it was
    a surprise… we hadn’t heard anything ahead of time nor had we seen the intro
    to all this that I saw later, we really did just stumble on it in the middle.
    Oh, and Tabitha looked absolutely *sensational* in her sparkly red carpet worthy
    gown, and just so excited. And Sonya toned down her style but still looked very
    Sonya, bucking trends with slacks instead of a gown. And Travis so goshdarn
    cute in his tux. (BTW Derek, from that “other” dance show actually won.)


  • Corinthia

    Okay, I *would* say that maybe this made sense; the dance by Malene &
    Stanley was to my eyes the worst of the night … So bottom 3 last week,
    plus part of worst dance this week… Would seem to be a reasonable
    criteria for choosing an eliminee (better than that “oh we’re keeping
    her because the choreographers just love her” bit we got so tired of.)

    *Except* … we all know that it really wasn’t the fault of the dancers,
    that having them, for the whole entire number, pose with cords rather
    than dance with each other was a horrible idea, totally dooming them.

    And clearly by their comments, the judges *knew* this, So, why then give
    Malene the boot anyway? There have been some interesting theories here,
    and I have seen a couple intriguing ones that I have seen on other
    discussion sites that I want to comment on…

    1. Was she maybe just not good enough in the first place? One person noted
    that Nigel’s horrible “getting by on looks” bit had overshadowed the fact
    that before that awful quip, he had said she lacks flexibility.

    This same person claimed to have gone back and rewatched the Pasadena episode
    again after Malene’s elimination (boy, that is some dedication, I don’t hate
    the callbacks episode as much as some people but I still wouldn’t necessarily
    volunteer to watch it *again*) Anyway, this person claimed that she received
    comments about not being strong enough several times during the callbacks.

    So… is she possibly that theoretical person not good enough on her own merit
    but put in to make the pairs match up by style for the first top 20 episode?
    Note that I am not in any way questioning her ballroom skills, she looked
    fabulous in the samba with Marquet (when I was able to take my eyes away from
    Marquet’s “tambourine hips” one of the few of Mary’s weird metaphors that
    actually made some sort of sense to me…) But could she have been maybe
    less flexible, and on the weaker side on the non-ballroom stuff? And maybe
    put in just for 3rd ballroom pair, planning all along to let her go early?

    I’m leaning against this theory myself, because there sure seem to be weaker
    dancers than her there, but no way to know without rewatching callbacks again,
    which I’m *not* going to do, especially because even then I’d probably see more
    about what the judges *said* as oppposed to what Malene actually *did* …)

    2. Or… was she too “old”? The person who posed this theory stressed
    that she didn’t mean chronological age. But I think I know just what she
    did mean. Even setting aside Nigel’s essential perviness, it is quite
    obvious that the show generally goes for a “kids” vibe. Not little kids
    of course, but teen-age/college-age kids. Just notice how many times the
    judges and choreographers do refer to them as “kids”, and how much
    everybody seems to love the “Cat as mother hen to the chicks” vibe.

    Malene never really did seem to fit that mold, did she?

    For example, somebody else who I think was too “old” for the show…Iveta.
    She wasn’t even the oldest (chronologically) in her season (that would be
    Robert Taylor Jr … but he was frankly a 30 year old “kid”). But Iveta was
    definitely no “kid”, probably even before she started approaching the big
    3-0 cutoff … And I suspect that’s why they kept turning her down for years
    (she tried out and tried out for years before making it on.) And despite
    the excitement expressed by Mary about the show having the champion of the
    ballroom decathlon (ok, that’s not what they really call it of course),
    and Nigel saying they “realized the error in [their] ways” in not letting
    her on before ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBe2AVtSNJA ) … She was
    booted in the very first elimination, and I had noticed that when Nigel
    commented on the elimination after people squawked about the untimely
    elmination of standouts in tapper Nick and Iveta (among a field of mostly
    contempo’s like usual) that Nigel said the solos changed their mind but they
    hadn’t planned on eliminating Nick… yet avoided saying anything about
    Iveta… Which made me suspect eliminating her early had been the plan all
    along… That they only let her on because they felt they had to, that she
    probably really *nailed* the callbacks, and between that and her credentials
    they felt that had no excuse not to let her on … but were still determined
    to ditch her as soon as possible, which they did.

    Okay, so more than enough about Iveta and seasons past, but I think this does
    actually show a pattern that Malene’s elimination might also seem to fit?

    Oh, and I guess now we’ll never know if there is a silent R in Malene’s name.
    :-> Although I assume that is a Cat’ism; notice that this season we have a
    “Jessiker” as well… (No, this is not Cat hate, I love Cat, and her accent!)

  • WishICouldDance

    To give credit to a few people (since I STILL cannot reply to their posts)

    Lizbot – Amen!! They never say anything about how OTT the Sanchez routines are!! Or how dangerous and demanding! I had to check but Benji did a routine in season 4(?) for Katee and Joshua! They did a very respectable job with it and no one slammed Benji! Why ask him back to choreograph if you’re just gonna be jerks to him?

    Sagittariuskim – YES!! It was driving me crazy! Alan Cumming is EXACTLY who I was trying to think of but my brain refused to cooperate! Thank you. And I also could have sworn that it was the Hack behind that opener! It seriously surprised me NOT to see his smug face in the audience!

    Donator – the lack of love between Benji and Travis hurt my heart. In my happy little world, they are buddies and genuinely like each other! You are NOT the only one!! And I also agree about your “A Game” statement – except for Sonya who seems to ALWAYS throw down the gauntlet for her dancers.

    Ok, thanks! That’s all!

  • Honeybee

    I haven’t read all of the recap yet; but I can’t look at Rudy without thinking of Pepper from AHS Asylum.

  • Percysowner

    I sort of thought Malene was hurt both weeks by her choreographer. Last week the actual choreography was great, but the music didn’t pull me into the routine. I’ve noticed that the right music can make a difference as to who goes through and who doesn’t. This week Malene was totally HOSED by the choreography, and I mean to the extent that I almost wondered if once they knew who was in the bottom three they asked Benji and Spencer Lift to give them a routine that they could use to justify the people they wanted to cut. Malene was given virtually nothing to do in her routine this week, although Stanley was given some moves to let him show what he does well. Then they criticized Benji for the difficulty for the WCS, so I just wonder if the tanking was deliberate.

  • Danator

    I feel like in previous seasons they choreographers used to really bring their A game in the first few weeks, and now it’s like they’re phoning it in until they get the best dancers and/or all-stars to work with.

    Also was I the only one going crazy because Benji and Travis were sitting 2 seats away from each other in the audience but never acknowledged each other? Can’t they pander to us season 2 fangirls and sit them together? And possibly force them to hug and love on each other? Maybe that’s just me…

  • Scal

    Another meh episode-all those contemporary dancers run together for me. The only ones that stand out are the tappers (I like the girl tapper, but I”m reserving judgement until I see her again next week), and Emilio. Esp in terms of the girls-they all dance the same even in different styles.

    Misty was AWESOME. As I expected her to be. All of her comments were 10000% spot on, and she made Nigel and Mary look like bigger idiots in comparison. Love her.

  • Rudy reminds me of a golden retriever. Just sayin.

  • blazergirl

    Rudy drives me crazy. He just seems like he’s trying too hard. I feel like he’s going to be the one who sticks around longer then he should, and I’m going to be annoyed by him more and more every week. That being said, I did feel bad for him when Nick went home.

    On the flip side, I am loving Rickey, and his goofiness is adorable and genuine. I would be shocked if he isn’t in the final. Serge took a huge leap forward for me this week as well; I look forward to seeing what else he can do. I wouldn’t mind seeing him do some hip hop.

    Zack and Jacque were fantastic! They should go very far as well.

  • wcsdancer

    Lizbot, you are spot on! Doriana Sanchez’s disco routines are positively awful!! She relies on crazy fast routines with lots of lifts and tricks, and her routines lack actual content.

  • sagittariuskim

    I was surprised that opening routine wasn’t choreographed by Hack. This was another meh episode for me. I hope this week’s is better.

    I liked Tanisha’s and Rudy’s routine. I don’t really have a problem with Tanisha she’s just meh and there for me. To me Rudy kind of looks like Alan Cumming, it’s the shape of his face and his eyebrows.

    I liked Sonya’s other routine. And I loved Sean Cheeseman’s routine.

    I actually dozed off a few times during the show. The girl’s elimination was one of those time. I’m so happy I did, now that heard the disgusting crap Nigel said. He gets viler every season. And people say we don’t need feminism anymore.

  • Lizbot

    Oh, and I forgot Serge. Serge impressed me this week. If he keeps that up and Marcquet dances like he did this week, Serge might replace Marcquet in my top 5 fairly soon…

  • Lizbot

    As usual, I agree with pretty much everything you said. I have to say, though, that despite the fact that I can’t stand Tanisha and I’m annoyed that we’re likely stuck with her until at least the top 10, she impressed me this week. I think she’s going to be like Chelsea was for me. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I never really liked Chelsea as a ballroom dancer or her personality, but I always thought she danced better outside of her genre. I have a feeling that Tanisha has actually done a lot of training in jazz and that she put her specialty down as ballroom to make her stand out and to impress the judges with her non-ballroom range. Anyway, I grudgingly have to give credit where credit is due: she impressed me.

    Overall, though, there aren’t any girls this season that have made a positive impression on me to date. I’m shocked that Nigel let a stunner like Malene go this early, but like you, I suspect that she expressed disgust at his advances so she had to go. My faves of the season so far are Ricky, Stanley, and (as of this last episode) Zack, with Marcquet and Emilio rounding out my top 5.

    I also agree with you that Nigel was an a-hole to Benji. Did he ever criticize Doriana for her ridiculously insane disco routines? Benji’s routine may have been a little OTT, but it was nothing compared to the crazy suicide moves that Doriana used to throw in there. Nigel just seems to love to make people hate him.

  • wcsdancer

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like Tanisha. I was surprised when she made Top 20. I don’t see her appeal at all. Her head reminds me of an alien’s with that giant forehead.

    I hate when they do WCS on this show! I <3 Benji, but for some reason, none of the dancers on this show have succeeded in getting the essence of WCS. It's painful to watch.

  • WishICouldDance

    Ohhhhh!!! Vallegirl!! I hadn’t thought of that! As far as conspiracy theories go… I can believe it! After all these years of Nigel pimping his favs – well within the realm of possibility!

  • Corinthia

    Ah, delighted to see the recap!
    But before I even start reading, I simply must post this link as it totally blew me away:
    (video of Elizaveta’s “Sorry”,
    featuring Malece & Nico from last season)

  • vallegirl

    Also, to start a conspiracy theory, do you think Malene was dumped so Jessica could be paired with Stanley? Hot blonde Jessica seemed like one of Nigel’s pets, especially after her dance with Ricky last week, then she gets saddled with Nick this week. Seeing a chance to pair her up with a relatively strong dancer, Spencer phone dance notwithstanding, Nigel took it and sent Malene packing instead of Brooklyn.

    It doesn’t make complete sense since Casey was relatively strong in both dances and pairing her up with him might have made for a great couple, and she wasn’t in the bottom three so she may have done fine with either Stanley or Casey. I just need a reason why Brooklyn’s seemingly amateur technique wasn’t booted. She’s as weak as Valerie.

  • I love, love, love Misty Copeland as a guest judge. Her comments were so thorough and awesome. I hope she comes back when they get to the top ten shows.

    Emily and Rudy both remind me of people, too. Actors or performers of some sort then, right? I’m glad someone pointed out how much Teddy looks like David Bowie, so I can stop trying to figure that one out.

    Zack, Rickie, Stanley, and Emilio are my favorites of the guys. I think Stanley’s in danger, though.

    Also, I think they cut the solos for the All-Stars shill, which is b.s. Even if the judges have made up their minds already, the solos are good for the audience. I hope they’re back next week, or else I will send some strongly worded tweets to Fox and Nigel.

    Emily’s outfit was so hideous and distracting, it was hard for me to focus on the routine. Dave Scott also looked a mess in the audience, which made me sad b/c usually I love his face. Oh, Dave Scott. How could you?

  • vallegirl

    If Eliana being paired up with Cyrus didn’t kill her chances, since every choreographer actually did dumb down the routines so Cyrus wouldn’t look completely incompetent, I wasn’t worried for Ricky being paired with Valerie. But I’d have rather he got a better partner. She and Brooklyn are getting by because they’re riding their partners strengths.

    And I agree that Brooklyn should have gone home instead of Malene. Yes, that phone routine was all kinds of awful, but sadly, I think all blame is on Spencer. It was just a poorly conceived routine. He seemed to choreograph the dancers around those stupid phones rather than choreograph the phones into the dance. I normally like Spencer, but this routine was Tycetastic. Malene shouldn’t have been penalized for Spencer’s mistake.

    Meanwhile, Brooklyn got ballroom, again, albeit Argentine tango, and still looked loose and sloppy to me. Which is how she looked last week when she was doing ballroom the first time. She never seems to finish her movements completely. Casey was better than her and he’s not even a ballroom dancer. Ricky was told to elevate Valerie’s technique, which he kind of did or at least masked her well enough, while no one says boo about how Brooklyn’s technique, in her own genre, is weak. Boo.

  • WishICouldDance

    Hey!!! I hope this means that good juju has found you and things are better?!?

    Words cannot explain how AWESOME I thought Misty Copeland was!!! What a fabulous guest judge!! I was also really hoping that she would dance. I blame Nigel.

    I really wanted to like the Tanesha/Rudy dance because it was a Sonya number but…. My intense dislike of Tanesha prevented that. I can think of 10 or 15 couples from pervious years who could have done it and it would be fabulous but… Nope! Just no. Everyone else seemed to like it so it must be my personal bias at work.

    What else? That table was seriously wasted – thanks for the link! Neil and Sabre WORKED that table!! The phones started cute but got annoying very quickly. Agree with the BS call on hip-hop guys ‘luckily’ getting hip-hop. Yeah, Serge was outstanding!! This might be a good partnership for him. I hope so – he’s growing on me!

    Wow! I was worried for Ricky but Valerie surprised and impressed me! I’m ok with this partnership – for now.

    Now, I would NEVER throw you under any bus or to any angry moms!!! I ‘know’ Zack the way you know the guys at the deli or the cashier at the store – you know them in context and are comfortable making small talk but, out of context, you can’t figure out where you’ve met them. Besides, if he keeps doing this well… I doubt either of us has to worry about his mom getting upset! He was fantastic!!

    Nigel was BEYOND a dick about Malene – that was just vile! She was a very good dancer and did NOT deserve that. I never expect much from him but that was shocking even from Nigel! I am VERY glad that the judges are out of the equation once it reaches top ten! His stiffie should not decide the winner!!

    Thanks for always doing such a great job with this, PM! I really look forward to seeing how you react and what you think – your reaction to Misty Copeland was exactly what I expected!!!