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Floshizzle is an audacious snarker whose passion is shredding any and everything. She's covered a diverse group of crap reality shows, from the daft adults in Dance Moms, to the cagey cast of Mob Wives. Floshizzle's favorite escapes include manic workouts and chocolate binges.
  • I actually was banned….by a computer that went rogue. Apparently when I post here with my wordpress account it will automatically include a random post to my blog. Your site thought I was spam. So now I have to remember to delete the short link to my blog each time I comment. I actually have a sticky note not he corner of my computer screen. I’d like not to be banned again and I haven’t figured out what wordpress setting to change on my account to make it stop attaching links. My technology is outsmarting me.

    And thank god RonnieK loves me and let me back in. He could’ve just had some fun with it and made me go on a treasure hunt where he assigned me all sorts of random crap to do.

    I would be a terrible President…but an amazing dictator.

  • Floshizzle

    Heather Keet I checked out your post and I do believe you are indeed ready for the People’s Couch!

    Haha too funny your post on technical difficulties on this site because it kept telling me I was banned for days. Then it would change its mind ten minutes later and the ban would be gone. I wasn’t sure if I should be insulted or flattered! But I knew our trusty Ronnie Karam and crew were doing strange and wondrous things to the site so maybe that’s why I didn’t start screaming at the screen. Still. When I read that I was banned suddenly..it hurt.

  • Floshizzle

    Heather Keet I couldn’t help myself at the end! Boo hoo hoo I think Ronnie is going to kick my bum to the curb for that one. I definitely didn’t expect what I got when I decided to recap the show. Sniff sniff lol. I agree though on the fact that if it comes back things may change the way you said!

    I think it’s the fact that they are trying to make it more of an undrama that makes it trashier because what you think is really going on with the couples is far trashier than what they are actually showing. But the appraisals….priceless! That part is where the trash is….no script involved!

  • Floshizzle, you got so deep at the end of this recap. I’m not sure we’re going to get a second season on Bravo if people are reaching in and having feelings. I mean, this is reality TV…there are no feelings in reality tv!!!

    I bet season 2 premieres and the Mill bros. mock everyone to their face and Vikki laughs as she purposely gives assets to the biggest asshole in each couple. You know, because Andy told them to shape the hell and become reality tv.

    Don’t forget to click my name, I wrote a post today and I think I’m going to use it to audition for The People’s Couch on Bravo…I’m ready!