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Pope Philly

  • melange

    It’s not Nick, and it’s not farmboy; that leaves Josh.
    I don’t think Nick “respects the process” enough to be the next Bachelor, so it’s Chris’ if he wants it.

  • Aunt Dorsey

    There appears to be a reality TV epidemic affecting unemployed jocks. Wan Pablum said he quit playing professional soccer when his daughter was born so he could be a father to her — because unemployed dads are the best providers. (Yeah, I’m sure his skills were sorely missed at the World Cup.)

    The dimwitted, musclebound Devin, the tactical mastermind on Big Brother this season, says he quit playing professional sports to take care of his daughter when she was born.

    And now we have a third selfless athlete, Josh (lacking the baby mama excuse), quit professional baseball to take care of his little brother. From what I could see, little brother’s bawls had dropped right on schedule and he’d already been adequately potty trained. But parents weren’t enough and Josh had to sacrifice his Hall of Fame dreams.

    It’s too damn much.

    From the ad, unless I was hallucinating, looks like Marcus is the Bachelor in Paradise. Is that a separate show? Does that mean the wholesome, corn-fed Chris is probably going to be the next Bachelor? Spare us the housewife interviews, please just go to Christian Mingle and ask baby jeebus to send you a Hausfrau.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    I want to know if there are teams working to save wildlife from that chemical spill atop Chris’s head in the above pic. His ‘do looks like an oil-soaked death trap for waterfowl, seals, and god knows what other kinds of critters.

    Save the Earth and ALL her children!!!!

  • Josue85

    I love how Josh says he gave up his career to take care of his brother. No, you weren’t good enough to make it to the Majors, and that’s the story that helps you sleep at night.

    I would like to know… before the show, what the hell was a typical day for Josh? How much care does a grown ass man need that you can’t work while doing it? Was he feeding his brother, burping him and making sure his pullups are dry?

    I think Josh will “win”, but Andi has projecting all the qualities she’s wanted to see onto Josh. In a few months, the sheen will come off and she’s left with a pretty looking Momma’s boy who is invested in his brother to a creepy degree.

  • TrashTalker

    I was also going to comment about you living in Arlington, VA…so do I! Lets all have a party!

  • Pope, you live in Northern VA? So do I! I’d like Ron to wander this way.

  • itchy

    Chris won’t “win.” There’s been absolutely no romance between him and Andi. And there’s no way in hell she’d ever be happy in Iowa. But he’ll be the next Bachelor.

    Nick is a… well, what does he do, actually? I’m not seeing the kind of money Andi will need to make her happy. Those outfits she wears don’t buy themselves, you know.

    Besides, Josh is a good-looking ex-athlete who happens to live in Atlanta. Also his name is Joshua (and his brother’s name is Aaron for pete’s sake), which means she’ll be able to invite him home for Shabbat dinner with the folks.

    I think the fantasy suite episode will be extra-creepy this time out.