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Pope Philly

  • PopePhilly

    @notwithoutmyTV: Had we seen Andi make a stop at a rest area in New Jersey, I’m sure she’d call it “the perfect place to fall in love.” I would also watch every moment of you on The Bachelorette – even if I didn’t have to recap it.

    @considerthis: Nick’s clothing in general has been pretty bad. I’ll be pretty happy if I never see a man-scarf again.

    @Itchy: I’m just always annoyed by Chris’ lack of expression. No matter if he’s happy, sad, angry, whatever – it all looks exactly the same!

    @melange: I wonder if Chris is going to pull an Andi when it comes to his job. He’ll be the Bachelor, think it makes him A-list famous, and then just sell his farm to try to make it in the entertainment business.

  • melange

    Agreed, both Josh and Nick are getting the “evil” edit, though both were thrown some sympathy scenes during the hometowns. Oddly, Josh’s hometown ended abruptly during the football game. It’s a bit revealing that we didn’t see Josh and Andi say goodbye, no?

    Josh’s parents (particularly his mom) are going to have a rough time with the impending empty nest, but all the kids are obviously looking forward to it. It seemed like Josh hadn’t been “home” in Tampa for awhile. Maybe they give him a lot of shit for it. He works/lives in Atlanta, just like Andi.

    Poor Marcus, he clearly had no idea where to take a girl in Dallas. I guess the producers weren’t giving us a false edit. Andi even admitted to his family that she didn’t feel as strongly… rough!

    The thing about Chris… well, see, building a house is pretty cheap when you already own the land. No doubt his family owns the tractors. Maybe he’s used the family money to go on independent business ventures… otherwise, all that purported wealth is just clan money.

    If Chris goes on to be the Bachelor, I’m sure there will be no shortage of ladies hoping to fill that homemaker position. Don’t do it! Being a farmer’s wife SUCKS. I’m surprised Chris’ family let him go for a month to do this show. Farmers don’t leave home very often.

  • itchy

    The hometown episode is ALWAYS boring as fuck. The only time it was fun was when that one gal hired a bunch of actors to play her family — pretty great watching drunk slut mom hit on the Bachelor. None of the guys in this crew are at all funny like that.

    I’m not sure why Chris is so phenomenally successful when it’s his dad’s farm? But yeah, all those federal farming subsidies buys some pretty great gear.

    Nick’s getting the bitch edit. The Bachelor always chooses the bitch in the end. Always. Except… wait, Josh is kind of a bitch too, isn’t he? How is she going to choose?

    We know at least that Chris has been lined up as the next Bachelor. They’ll dovetail it with Farmer Finds a Wife, it’ll be like techtonic plates colliding. Personally, I can’t get over his giant head and his weirdly narrow shoulders. Not to mention his lack of an upper lip. Would women really want to kiss that?

  • considerthis

    While Dead Eric was a tragedy, the real tragic moment was Nick’s outfit at the rose ceremony.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    >>>Then we learn that, as a child, Chris didn’t wear underwear on weekends because he didn’t have to go to school.<<<<

    I don't wear underwear during the week because I like my junk to be much closer to hottie co-workers than they think it is…

    (I gotta remember to include that statement in my Bachelorette audition tape.)

  • notwithoutmyTV

    A grocery store in Milwaukee… “The Perfect Place to Fall in Love!” ™