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Danya Bray

  • mommy2bree

    So, I just caught this episode on the marathon that was on yesterday leading up to the finale. Someone else PLEASE tell me that you noticed that Luis’ movie had “dining room” spelled incorrectly as “dinning room”. Professional.

  • coffeebean

    @S-Natch, is there anyway to access your earlier recaps from this season (the ones that were posted on TVGasm)? I just started watching it on iTunes and would love to read from the beginning! Thanks!

  • Holyterror

    One of Jewel’s acting credits is as a “specialty dancer,” and one is as a stunt double. Without mommy and daddy she’d be waiting tables. She’s really one of the most deluded people I’ve seen on the show in a while — no one who has ever worked overestimates the value of a property for while they did nothing like that. They just price by how much money they think they need or “deserve.”

  • ‘dalia

    the apartment Fredrik surprised Derek with he recently sold. they’re now moving to a more luxurious building at 10 Madison Square West. http://instagram.com/p/bqlok1NJI7/

  • S-Natch

    @labowner – That is VERY interesting. I did not like Zach AT ALL last year, and it seems like he got his comeuppance with 250 Bowery. We can only hope. Did not catch the interview. Was probably watching a TNT marathon. Le sigh.

  • Ryan was on 20/20 back in March. Did anyone catch his interview?

  • Interesting as all of penthouse prices at 250 Bowery dropped considerably before being sold.

  • S-Natch

    @Jacey – It’s like a car wreck on the highway – try as you may, you can’t turn away! 😉

    @MissKris and lab: Thanks, MissK! You rock!! Lab – correct you are, and even those are few and far between. Wonder how much Daddy had to pay to secure those pitiful credits.

  • She has more credits for working crew than acting.

  • MissKris
  • Jacey Bullard

    I catch myself wondering why do I watch this show. I mean let’s be honest there is nothing lovable about any of these men. They are all egomaniacs and complete douches. Frederik is a super talented real estate agent and can sell the heck out of anything but I still don’t like him. Ryan at least can sell some real estate. Now he won’t sell whole buildings like Frederik but he can typically close a sale. But he is way over inflated how how “talented” he really is. But why is Luis even on the show? As the clown? Has he sold more than 1 unit since he has been on? I just think he is a waste of space. The reason I watch the show is because it’s an hour I just get to be entertained by douches at the same time I get to see New York real estate. I mean let’s be honest Frederik is entertaining and I laugh at most of what Ryan says (because I usually wonder if he even listens to himself). The only thing that entertains me about Luis is Luis’ hair. I mean seriously who wears their hair like that?

  • S-Natch

    @rachel – Thanks! I honestly think the only person that finds Ryan charming is Ryan. In re: Luis – Arggghh! LOL! And I sincerely wish he would lose the blue contacts!

    @emma – I tried to find out anything about her but could not. In my search, though, I did find this interesting tidbit. Apparently, only two of the four originally cast MDLNY cast members made it onto the show! http://ny.curbed.com/archives/2010/12/06/meet_the_cast_of_bravos_million_dollar_listing_nyc_spinoff.php Maybe we will see one of the other two in the future once Luis gets the boot

    @MsMmm – LOVE the scoop. Live sightings are the best!

  • MsMmm

    Just have to share, I saw Ryan in Chelsea last week. He looks much taller and thinner in person. I guess the chauffeured car is only for the show, cause he was hailing a cab. Didn’t want to inflate his ego even more by requesting a pic.

  • emma kahn

    I’d love to see Jewel’s acting resume.

  • rachelkashmir

    Ryan is such an epic douchtard I loved watching Fredrik embarrass him. I hate how this guy, who is awful to everyone, somehow always makes the deal. I guess the producers know that we don’t find Ryan charming. It feels good to know they don’t hate us.

    Honestly, Fredrik doesn’t owe Ryan the time of day, let alone a break. Ryan thinks by kissing Fredrik’s ass a few times that they’re going to fist bump and all his douchy behavior is forgotten. The only thing that drives price in real estate is demand. Simple economics.

    I almost wet myself when Fredrik was teaching Ryan how to high kick. Dinosaur hands!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA!

    @SNatch- interesting observation about “Jewel” and whether or not she was an actual seller. Now that you said it, it does seem like she was only interested in some exposure. Weird people. But I love reading your recaps. HI-larious!

    Luis’ video gave me motion sickness. All the zooming in and out made my eyes hurt. It just proved once again that Luis is a moron with less than zero self awareness. He thinks he’s all cool and suave when he really carries all the respect of Long John Silver’s parrot. The more I see him on camera, the more I am also convinced he’s a cokehead. He’s so twitchy and erratic. It’s annoying watching him on camera, even in his TH interviews.

  • S-Natch

    @Iona – I agree that Fredrik can be a handful, but he did not, IMO, screw over his castmates. What happened with Ryan and the Russian using his deal to get a better deal on another apartment proves that nothing is final until the contract is signed. Fredrik also has no control over greedy developers.

    @Superfly – Tots agree with all your statements!

    @’dalia – I also agree that Luis is useless. I almost wonder if they didn’t ask Jewel to pretend her penthouse was for sale just so he would have a storyline. I also notice that he is the only MDL cast member on either coast that is not seen in the Bravo Summer commercials. Hmmmm….

  • ‘dalia

    Nah, Ryan got exactly what he deserved. Jumping in the pool of a showing in front of clients was way worse than doing a high kick and going on a double date (Derek: “he’s so fake..” lol). Puh-lease. Ryan is such a douchebag he deserved even more – and not even a chance to get into the party for 250 Bowery. And like Fedrik said, why should Ryan deserve a heads up on the prices going u?. He is in the same boat as all the other brokers there. Looking forward to seeing his ass get thrown out of the party when he goes off on Freddi next week. XD

    As for Luis. it’s gotten to the extent that I can even watch his scenes. I am just so embarassed for him all the time that I literally had to hide my face when he was showing that movie. That whole thing was a waste of time when the “actress” just wanted to get on tv. I wonder if she had a party in her parent’s penthouse while watching the episode.

    The funny thing is that I’m not sure if we will see it in the last three episodes of the season but Fredrik and Luis made peace. Luis was even laughing over Fredrik making Ryan jump through hoops and said “Karma is a bitch” I gave Luis one point for that.

  • Superfly

    Luis is clearly a coke head….and a complete waste as a realtor. Ryan deserves any shit that comes his way, what a prick! And Freddi, well sure he can be an asshole but damn does that guy know how to sell real estate!

  • Iona Trailer

    Fredrik is being a dick. He’s now screwed over both of his castmates.