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  • Anaïs

    God yes!!!!!! When Bianca told her, “Grand,” I thought, “Good, she hates that Selita bitch as much as I do.” Upon wanting to jump through the tv and rip her peace sign waving arm off to beat her with I rushed to the Google to make sure I didn’t just need therapy for screaming at Seleta through my tv so often. Only, I didn’t scream, “Shut up,” I screamed, “Get off my show creepy fake bitch!”

  • Nina

    God yes!!!! I made a profile just to comment. I was about to spit at the tv every five seconds because of Selita. Shut up!!!! She thinks she’s amazing.

  • manger et rire

    UGH@ even having Selita Banks there. She is beyond annoying. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!

  • Ana

    SHUT UP Selita is right. She is such a waste of space.

  • Bansheegirl

    Congrats to Catburns on the new baby. I hated Selita too. Absolutely no reason for her to be on the show, and if she’s a supermodel I will eat my hat. I was wondering though. Isn’t Durham NC the site of at least one major US university? There are no gay people there? Really?? Raleigh-Durham has a decent sized airport but no gay people? I mean, they made it sound as if Bianca was living in Dogpatch!

  • ‘Sarah’ just messing- that’s my for really real name

    Selita served no purpose. As a UK viewer I’d like to know why she’s famous (because my people have no clue lol) and also WTF catburns is?

    I thought it was mean she pushed for another reason other than Tia was in a bad place when she created the profile. How many reasons does she want? The David spade part should have been cut because who even cares?
    Tbh I am tiring of hearing about people who are ‘in love’ with online people because even if they turn out to be genuine the relationship never lasts after hey meet in person

  • PattiPrincess

    Just curious why my comments are being moderated a lot? Tech errors or am I Selita bashing jerk face?

  • PrincessPatti

    In no way do I intend this to be mean (kinda kidding) but I agree: Shut Up, Selita. I confess to reading half the recap, and watching half the Ep. But when I watched the rest! Pearls were cllutched when Selita did her whole you haven’t suffered like Brianna. Whoa.

    I get this show may be a bit staged or worse not staged at all so maybe, Bogus Brogan was off kilter but I think I personally would’ve LOST IT! on the gorgeous girl telling me the facts of life! I certainly would not have let her near me enough to side-hug me!!! At least Tia/Brogan got in a “are you calling race?” Before the hug.

    At that point I realized how beautiful on the outside Selita is and how disconcerting and counterproductive to Nev and Max she was. I’m still a bit confused why she was there? I thought I missed the beginning? If Nax have other commitments, the show should be over. They are so non-threatening to all creeds in a way others (I’m looking at you Miss S.) can never be.

    Well, one thing Miss S. did was make me comment passionately on Catfish, the TV Show. Now I have to sleep with myself…ugh.

  • Chicken Lips

    David Spade was funny with Chris Farley. I think that was more Chris Farley than David Spade, but still.

  • DutchieDevil

    When has anything David Spade did ever been funny?

  • Chicken Lips

    I didn’t know who Selita was either (and I even watched Celebrity Apprentice and still didn’t know), so I took a page from the Nax playbook and hit up the Googles! Turns out that she and David Spade made a Catfish spoof video where she was the catfish. It wasn’t funny.

  • Big Pink Box

    Ugh, Selita. Way to fucking bully a girl into having to disclose something so bad. Super gross. It was really jarring, considering that Nax wouldn’t even challenge the obvious “My mommy is DYYYIIIING!” lie, but here’s Super Gobshite 9000 playing Oppression Olympics and screaming “THIS SMALLTOWN BLACK LESBIAN HAS SUFFERED, WHAT’S YOUR DEAL BITCH?” at Tia.

    That whole fake-nice thing Selita does is so plastic and condescending. Stop it, it’s more transparent than a fish tank. I hope I’m lucky enough to avoid seeing her ever again

  • This episode was kind of like a 2014 version of ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ where a bored young woman who is fascinated with this lifestyle of piercings, tattoos, big cities and amazing outfits but no matter how much Tia is into these kinds of girls, she clearly isn’t one of them. She’s missing the angst and the personality. And that’s fine – we all have a side of ourselves that wishes we could be someone or somewhere else so we could be who we’d like to see ourselves at. Before the internet, these were normal fantasies or journal entries where nobody else got hurt. But now, you can live whatever kind of life and ‘date’ tons of people who really think you’re what they’re looking for.
    The problem that I foresee with both Tia and Bianca is that, in order to get away from their small towns and go to a place with a fun alternative gay scene (NYC, San Fran, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle) it’s VERY expensive. I was once an 18 year old gay kid looking to get out of town for bigger places myself once and it only lasted three months. The more progressive and gay friendly a city is, the more likely you’ll be paying 2 grand a month for a studio. And eventually you’ll end up back living in the spare room with your parents in the middle of nowhere.
    Get your degrees first, girls. People living in these big cities have a masters and they STILL can’t afford rent even with roommates and giving up their car, etc. if you go out to Seattle with a HS diploma hoping your music will pay the rent, Bianca, you’ll be back with mom before the end of summer….

  • I kept saying shut too!!!! I think the second meting would have been a tad different if she hadn’t imposed her views

  • Rowsdower

    Hmm, did Catburns really have a baby, or could we be getting catfished by Catburns? I’ll believe it when I’ve had time to Google image search and cross-check with Myspace and Twitter accounts.

  • Chelle

    Selita was really annoying. Like, first, why are you here? By her own admission she said she’s only seen a few episodes. If what they really wanted was a higher profile, eye candy Catfish fan they should’ve just gotten Chrissy Teigen. And secondly her ranting at Tia/Brogan during couch time…it’s not your show, Selita, stop badgering the witness if the 2 hosts aren’t even doing it. I always wanted Nev or Max to flip out on the catfish in earlier seasons but I can kind of see why they usually stick to their wide eyed, overly empathetic act and let them off the hook. It’s never fun to watch a gang up. That said I did enjoy Kidd Cole’s phone being tossed into the river (incidentally I read Nev’s AMA on Reddit awhile ago, and he said the reason he threw the phone was because he was hoping Kidd would punch him or something and the authorities would get involved, since it bothered him so much that he was basically walking away from the scams he ran on the security and limo people and Lucille).
    Okay longer post than expected. Thanks for the recap! Let’s see if author Nev and director Max decide to have a season 4 now that it looks like they’re getting more outside opportunities.