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Joe Anderson

JalleyToCali, aka Joe Anderson (there are dozens of us!), is a failure. Either that or easily distracted. With a degree in Engineering and a job as an unpaid writer, he will accept donations. So at the least, he hopes to entertain you. Writer on Big Brother Recaps and TrashTalk TV Tonight (formerly Tonight's Top 10 Shows), he is working on a web series slowly but surely that should air in Summer 2015. If you never see it, it's because it turned out to be utter shit, he went bankrupt and is now writing out of his car so he doesn't have to deal with people anymore. Seriously, donations welcome. I don't live in San Diego anymore. I'm cold...Go Islanders! (Proud season ticket holder before they were temporarily good)
  • itchy

    Apparently on the feeds Frankie spends most of his time either preening for the cameras or speaking in stupid accents, usually both at the same time.

  • sarcasatire

    Hahaha, considerthis, my facebook news feed has been blowing up with the most hilarious memes ever!

  • Tucci

    What’s with the chest bumps, dosey does, high 10’s and other staged bullshit the hamsters did when they passed each other to and from the diary room? I am not sure I can continue to watch if this shit doesn’t stop. It’s not cute, clever or funny. Morons.

  • considerthis

    I for one can’t wait to see the evicted players faces when Julie Chen tells then Lebron made his decision and is back in Cleveland.

  • notwithoutmyTV

    Do you know how much energy Frankie spends being that over-the-top phabulous?

    Poor thing is probably exhausted all the time.

  • sarcasatire

    Jalley, the reason why Zach called out frankie is because he knows Frankie has been playing both sides. Frankie was campaigning to make sure Devin had the votes to get Zach evicted. So, all that whining he did last night, how they edited him to look like an unwitting victim in all of this, meh. All that scene did was tell me that close ups do Frankie no favors.

  • ITCHY:

    It’s probably a trend from Texas. That’s where he’s from, right? It’s probably all the rage amongst Texans. I think Rick Perry is even wearing FAKE glasses. Rick Perry is trying for an intellectual look too.

  • sarcasatire

    I didn’t want to say that Frankie has meth face, but Frankie has meth face.

  • itchy

    Poor Frankie. He’s looking more and more ragged. Like he’s pushing 40, not 30.

    And yes, Mr. D. I’m aware there’s no glass in those glasses. Is this a new trend among the Young Douchebag set? Ugh.

    Something tells me that Devin’s sugar mama told him the only chance he has of seeing his kid again is if he comes home with lots of money. It’s pretty obvious that he’s got next to no relationship with the kid.

    Also, kudos to production for editing Zach’s rant — he apparently went off on Devin about his daughter — and his pill habit.

  • sarcasatire

    Are they giving Frankie hair dye? wasn’t his hair a faded pink last week? it’s so vibrant today!

  • sarcasatire

    Devin was talking in the bed like someone on their deathbed in a soap opera. “No one.. (shallow breath)..is gonna stop.. (shallow breath)…the love of a man…for his daughter.”


  • Misterdangerous

    Pao said something like, “Devin you have like 5 different personalities and they all suck!” THAT WAS FUNNY. Poor Devin. I watched him after the eviction and he was walking around all by himself. It must be horrible to be him.

    FYI ITCHY, I don’t think Caleb’s glasses have glass in them. I think they’re just empty frames.

  • Chicken Lips

    When I heard about the BB Stalker’s Best Friend bracelets, I thought maybe it was there to avoid the shower escapades. I’m sure that watching that person’s red dot furiously moving on the screen it will cause seizures just like the warnings on video games say.

  • itchy

    They definitely laced Devin’s normal super-strength Adderall dosage with a mighty potent horse tranquilizer for this episode. Guy was completely zoned out. Probably listening to birds fly over the rainbow.

    Can we assign Team America the task of poking Caleb’s eyes out through those stupid fake glasses?