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I'm a finicky, easily-annoyed career gal who writes on the side. I'm a native of Washington, D.C., and I live in Virginia. I am single and child-free but not pet-free: I have a stinky male German shepherd teenager, a pumpkin-headed Ragdoll kitty boy, a spoiled Princess Arabian mare, and a darling lunkhead of a Buckskin Quarter Horse.
  • Wills

    Ms. Kitty I know you don’t like the theme song but I think it was sung by Lily Allen. Anyway, loved the recap and I LOVE this show. I would be Caroline’s minion in a second.

  • Redmeph

    I did learn to ride as a child, although I can’t remember why, but I rode well enough to bring up the end of treks and that sort of thing. After one ‘troublesome’ horse ran off with me for an hour or two when I was 8, I learned to agree with Miss Kitty that you don’t get on a horse that is having ‘issues’ with you.

    Actually I learned to stop riding the demons known as horses.

  • mayfairest

    “tranny mannequin”
    “clodhops down the hall like a field hand”
    another delightful post, miss kitty!

  • churble

    I sympathize a little with Marissa over the whole Juliet thing. I think she was definitely mostly frustrated that she felt Juliet was being insincere. Not too long before that, when Marissa said the exact same thing, Juliet acted like Caprice had murdered her kitten and Marissa was defending her, but now, at the table, she’s saying it and acting like it was her thought all along. That’s frustrating, and I know I’m not the only person who gets frustrated or angry and my body decides that this is the perfect time to make me look like a crazy person and start crying.

    And I have to say, watching this show while being 8 months pregnant, I absolutely would have left early too. Everything they were doing would have seemed lovely a year ago, but right now, hell no. I was invited to a nice, indoor, air conditioned party a week ago and very nearly didn’t go because a) my couch wasn’t going to be there and b) they’d expect me to get dressed. On the other hand, it wouldn’t have killed her to stop by someone’s room and say “I just realized if I go home I don’t have to wear pants, so I’m out, bye!”

  • MissKitty, fabulous recap as always!! I love the horse commentary you give, I know zero about horses so I had no clue that that horse was on the way to throwing her just based on his behavior.

  • I love how only Annabelle was staying at the estate and then Caprice finagled her way into staying there as well! Talk about manners, inviting yourself to stay somewhere.