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  • itchy

    More likely Cody was the center of that universe. Even his dad had a crush on him.

  • considerthis

    I thought Cody was into his dad?

  • Misterdangerous

    All the houseguests look better wearing glasses especially Donny and Caleb. Part of me doesn’t dislike Zach anymore simply because he stood up to Devin and fessed up. Now, that didn’t help his game but I like him more because he did it. AND it really screwed up Devin because Devin is a wack job. I understand why all the ladies feel uncomfortable around him. It’s because Devin is U-N-S-T-A-B-L-E.

  • itchy

    It’s more like ‘ghost before bros’ since Caleb doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance with Amber. She’s into Cody who’s into…well, himself.

  • sarcasatire

    Yea…I know about 30mg, too..but maybe his weight and tolerance changed that? I dunno, it’s rumor. Someone else said he was on Zvanse, so maybe the dosage is different. But he definitely is wired. I don’t know if he can take HGH while in the house, but he does seem huge.

    Devin went spiraling into a tailspin this episode. But i think Caleb is partially to blame. All, lil southern precious snowflake Amber had to do was tell Caleb she was “scared” while clutching her pearls. Caleb immediately turns into a gallant knight, protecting his “queen.” Confronting Devin about it, it became clear. Caleb had put hos before bros.

  • And Steroids? Cause I’ve been going to the gym lately and learning about lifting and stuff, and Devin is the sort of huge that isn’t super attainable by natural means. He could just have awesome genetics, but considering what Adderall does to your appetite, he’s gotta be juicing to keep up that physique. Also, 100mg? That’s what they prescribe people with narcolepsy. A normal dose of Adderall for a large adult male would be like 30mg. Bro’s heart is gonna explode.

  • sarcasatire

    100 mg of Adderall. Basically the same thing.

  • I agree Devin is on a mixture of cocaine and steriods

  • Is it just me or is Devin so dumb he’s going to make it to the end?!?!