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  • rammygrrl

    Dr. Overlark explained that Hep-V could be transmitted sexually, by injection, by ingestion, etc., so basically any way other than airborne that one could contract a virus. The vamps in Hawaii (and I’m assuming every other place that Tru Blood was being shipped, Hawaii was just the one place shown as an example) weren’t destroying the shipment in the van, but stealing it and drinking it. Mass pools of newly infected vampires everywhere that Tru Blood had been shipped biting, fucking, etc., various quantities of humans would spread the virus fairly rapidly. Yet only an eighth of the vamp pop has contracted it. With so many routes of infection, I would have thought the infection rate would be even higher.

    My opinion of season 7 (so far) in a nutshell: Yay, Tara’s dead, boo anything and everything to do with Lettie May whom I despise, yay LaLa and James, boo vigilante gang especially Vince, yay dead Alcide, I liked you and your abs but you were pretty much useless and we got so much horrible werewolfieness the show could have done without just so you would have storylines, yay at potential Bookie, they deserve each other (take that how you will), massive boo for giving Eric Hep V, there had better be a cure found so Eric and Pam can live on after the end of the show or I’m going to be pissed. Oh, another massive boo to Violet — staking is too good for her.

  • CynTV

    OK – I just started reading your recap and I must comment. The phrase “casually dead girl” is the most epic phrase in the history of epic phrases. It’s a phrase I’ve never heard before, and probably will never hear of again, and I am jealous I didn’t think of it. I will probably spend the next 24 hours trying to think of ways to incorporate it into my vocabulary. I would automatically give a Grammy to a band named “Casually Dead Girl”..

  • vallegirl

    Finally, since our new commenting made the “Post Comment” button disappear because I went on too long, here’s my take on Hep V:

    Since they stole that storyline from Being Human, I didn’t assume that all African adults are infected as much as most haven’t been tested so it’s a catch as catch can situation with the adults, but the children are clean. Kind of like how only Kenny the teenaged bubble boy with auto-immune disease was known to be “clean” since he never interacted with other people. Also, they had a human/clean vampire situation when Henry kept his human girlfriend hostage in their home so she’d never contract the virus.

    Of course, if they did completely steal the storyline, werewolf blood will be a vaccine. But, alas, Alcide’s dead so he won’t be offering up vials of his blood to save the Bon Temps vamps.

  • vallegirl

    I think the way the “Bill isn’t the same vamp he used to be” works is deus ex machina. They need some way for “our two wayward lovebirds” to get together in the series finale so our last memory of this show is of extremely bitter bitterness that they killed off every single likeable character in service to the greatest love that never loved: Sookie and Bill. At least that’s what my “Alan Ball hates his audience” meter says. (I have no spoilers so if I’m right it’s because he’s that obvious.)

    You’d think after seven years they’d realize that the best way to make people like Sookie is not to have the actual likeable characters die because of her idiocy, but she came in like a jackass and she’s going out like one, too.

    Also, if you’re not going to bring back Jim Parrack for a cameo as Julian Fortenberry, why not just give the photographer a different name? It was a cute piece of continuity, and the actor did look like Parrack, but it would have worked so much better if it actually had been Hoyt.

    WRT to Eric and Pam: did he choose for Pam to live or die? The writing made it sound like they were asking who he’d sacrifice and he said Pam. Since they show both women’s reactions it looked to me like they both thought Pam would get killed (Pam looks sad while Sylvie looks surprised when they let her go) then Sylvie gets stabbed instead.

    Which leads me to the second problem I had with that storyline. If we were supposed to care about Sylvie and think this was such a difficult decision for Eric … couldn’t they have written their scenes as being about a little more than just sex? I mean, we all knew what his decision was since, you know, Pam, but at least try to make Sylvie more than a pert pair of boobs. It’s just bone bone bone sad. Not much emotional investment in Sylvie and it made Eric seem like a dick.

  • unbeldi

    I was disappointed that they killed Alcide, especially so early in the season. However, it does seem that the end game is to reunite Sookie and Bill (the whole “I’m not the same man who did all of those horrible things to you” was the lame attempt — are they some sort of Jehovah’s Witnesses? — to pave the way). I think it would have been more powerful to have Sookie choose Bill, but that’s just me.

    Add me to the list of hoping that Lafayette and James end up as a couple. They have such a charming air in their scenes. Nathan Parsons was a terrific choice to take over the role. Loved him on General Hospital and I’m pleased he ended up on this high-vis show, even in its last season.

    Like melange, I find the HepV story a bit off. All African adults are infected? Even HIV hasn’t spread that much. I though Hepatitis was mainly transmitted through sex, contaminated food, and dirty syringe needles. What is going on in the True Blood world? (When the man offered up the little girl to Pam was chilling for its allusions to sex trafficking, and I was so glad Pam refused.)

    There can be parallels drawn drawn between this HepV-infected world and The Walking Dead. It seems there are a lot of people who use situations to grab power and take out people who are different or just offend them instead of pulling together. Vince, I’m looking at you.

    Given the apparent worldwide nature of the crisis, I’m curious as to how the powers that be will resolve everything. All of the plots don’t necessarily need to be tied up, but it would be disappointing to not resolve the HepV situation. Will someone find a cure or at least an immunization?

  • melange

    Joe Manganiello interviewed that he knew he’d be killed off this season as soon as he read last year’s season finale. I am disappointed, of course. Another one bites the dust for Sookie. At least he (we) got one last nekkid-in-the-woods scene!

    They “had” to get rid of a good guy, though, after killing a bunch of bad vampires and townsfolk. Plus random pretty French girl – but I didn’t see the big deal about her. And Sam’s redshirt vampire.

    I don’t like True Blood’s impotent take on the werewolf, anyway. They’re basically just wolves that go around biting people to death, so, you know… wolves. No special vampire-killing ability, no extra healing powers. Dare I say it – I think that’s one thing Stephanie Meyer managed to get right.

    Sookie can’t live without a man, and I suspect her tastes will swing back to “vampire” after her diary reminiscing last week. Sigh.

    Also, here’s one (of many) plot weakness. Why is HepV so prevalent in the human population? It’s not easy to get a disease that can be transmitted only by blood. Presumably no one human was drinking the infected TruBlood, and vampire blood (or “V”) is pretty hard to come by.