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  • To trashtalktv re: WishICouldDance’s comment…can we pretty please have a reply button in the comments? Much more interactive, no?

  • vallegirl

    They wouldn’t have had to switch out Teddy. Just drop Valerie for Jaja. I thought Teddy did a tap solo during callbacks (the Charlie Sexton thing jumped out at me then) and could have tapped with Zach while Jaja and Emilio could have partnered here, too.

    The only thing I can think of is that they didn’t want to reunite partners/people who already work together since Brooklyn and Marcquet didn’t dance together, either. That would mean they’d have had to drop Emilio over Teddy. Which makes no sense so Jaja had to be sacrificed for Emilio.

    If it were just a showcase it would have been different but since they were being judged and voted on that could be seen as “favoring” that pairing and put them in some FCC hot water. That’s the only reasoning I can come up with because, for real, Valerie is a pretty weak dancer.

  • PottyMouth

    sagittariuskim: Yes, he seems to be under the delusion that we all love to listen to his commentary and “expertise”. I spend every episode wishing for spontaneous combustion of Nigel’s vocal chords!!

    SororSalsa: Me too! On both the ballerinas and the terrible that is Tanisha. Unfortunately I think we’re going to be stuck with her for a long, long time. UGH.

    sagittariuskim: Love the list! Soooooooooo much to agree with there.

    Corinthia: I think the new format DEFINITELY factored into the casting. There are a couple of the girls that we could have switched out for JaJa, but then they’d need another hip hop guy (or to drop Teddy which I’m thinking Nigel didn’t want to do because of the whole tapping thing). And YES to your assessment of the ballet!! It did feel like watching a segment of the corps and not two principals or soloists.

    WishICouldDance: I think someone put a curse on me or something! I need someone to put the good juju back on me!! So fun that you guys know Zack – just don’t sic his mom on me if I say anything bad about him! Oh, and I am SUPER excited for Misty Copeland – have a major girlballetcrush on her!

    vallegirl: I agree; the guys definitely seem waaaaay stronger than the girls this year. Oh, and Stanley and Chehon dancing together would be FABULOUS. Someone needs to make THAT happen. I like your faves and agree with them, but you know mine includes Emilio as well. How can you resist that adorable smile?????

    sagittariuskim: Thinking about Mary and Nigel’s sex life could be just the diet aide I’ve been searching for. I officially want to barf and never eat again.

    Can’t wait to see what happens on tonight’s show – I’ve kept myself spoiler free so I can get pissed off as the night unfolds (come on, you know it’s gonna happen). All I have to say is that if they pair Ricky with Tanisha I will be catching a plane to California so I can punch Nigel in the nuts.

    Catch ya on the flip side!
    SWAK, PottyMouth

  • WishICouldDance

    Ewwwww!! Yeah, I almost stopped reading there!!! Just… Wrong!!

    When I find myself saying, “even I know that’s wrong!”, it’s not a good thing! It made me laugh when I read it in your comments!

  • sagittariuskim

    @WishICouldDance No problem! Yeah for Buzzfeed list I was surprised by how much they got right, but like you said not all of them. I find it hard to believe someone would voluntarily wonder about Nigel and Mary’s sex life,

  • vallegirl

    Also, I both liked and was a little disturbed by how much Teddy looks like Charlie Sexton when he was young. I get that that’s a reference no one else will likely get, but do a google image search on “young Charlie Sexton.” You’ll still get plenty of current images but those cheekbones, those eyebrows! Very Teddy.

  • vallegirl

    It felt like the cast was intentionally front loaded with better male dancers overall. Brooklyn auditioned with Marcquet and pretty much rode his talent and her looks to getting cast and while Bridget and Jessica were both great, I really felt Stanley was the star in his pairing with Bridget, but that could be my bias toward big, effortless leaps like Chehon had. Jessica was clearly a good match to Ricky who was my favorite before the performance episode. And Zach just completely outclassed Valerie. It was a little sad to watch.

    So after this episode my favorites are Ricky, Stanley, Marcquet, Jessica and Zach. I reserve judgment on Emilio until I see him do something other than hip hop because I will not get Cyrused again. But I will always pull for the PR.

  • WishICouldDance

    The little “reply” feature went away so I shall do this the hard way –

    Sagittariuskim – thanks for the link!! I agree with most (not quite all) of them!

    Corinthia – YOU were the one who made the comment about the ballerinas!! Thank you! You nailed what I couldn’t put my finger on!!

    Ok, I’m done now.

  • WishICouldDance

    Hey, all!! Good to see all the familiar…. um… Names!!! And PM, are you running around breaking mirrors or something? No power AND a migraine? Damn! That’s not fair at all. I sincerely hope things start to settle down.

    Things that grabbed me about the show:

    Marquette – usually in Latin, Ballroom in general, my eye is drawn to the girl. I could not stop watching HIM!! I thought he was fantastic and had great personality. My dance knowledge is very limited (PM has been a great teacher!) but to me, he LOOKED like he was doing it right! Cool kid and I think he will be fun to watch. Great smile!

    Tap dancing is not my favorite but I really enjoyed this! I kept thinking that the kid, Zack, looked familiar and made my daughter watch his routine with me. “Duh, mom! We know him from swim team.”. Oh! Ok then! (am I the only one who doesn’t quite recognize people when I see them out of context? The whole ‘how do I know you?’ thing.) Anyway, hope he does well – local kid and all that!

    Jessica and Ricky were… Well, dances like that and dancers like that are why I love this show. I was enthralled. I knew he was going to be great but she surprised me. This is one of those “watch it again” dances for me! It was the reward for watching so many blah routines!

    And then… The ‘meh’. There was a lot of it. The Tanisha/Nick was the biggest for me. Her outfit just bothered me. The music bothered me. I mean, it looked like they were doing the right stuff but it didn’t grab me – at all! There have been some really great cha cha routines on this show but… That was NOT one of them. And the ballerinas? Just… No! Way to let me down, show! Couldn’t tell them apart and they really did seem like the background dancers – thanks to whomever said it because I couldn’t put my finger on what was so irritating!

    I love hearing what all of you think and learning new stuff! Anyone else excited that Misty Copeland is coming back? I showed my daughter pics of her and we were both just… “Wow!” Goregous woman, gorgeous dancer!!

    Hang in there, PM!! Hope this week goes better for you. Those little $h!ts should be done with the fireworks for a while! Thanks for the recap – as always, fun and educational!! : D

  • Corinthia

    PM, thank you! I checked last night as I really needed something good to read
    after a long, was delighted to find you had posted!

    Thoughts on top 20… I was so excited when I heard they were doing their own
    styles as I have often felt like even with the “showcases”, that we didn’t always get
    a chance to see what was special about a contestant, what caught the judges eye
    in the first place, and wished they gave us a chance to do so before throwing
    them in different styles and out of comfort zone. Great idea I thought.
    (although I have to suspect it influenced top 20 selection to make the numbers
    come out even… was JaJa maybe dropped because they didn’t have a 4th for her…
    although I suspect it was really because she didn’t bring the sexy for Nigel…)

    Anyway, about the dances themselves; for the most part I agreed with PM’s assessments.
    And I’m not getting the Tanisha love, pimp spot and all… actually maybe I am;
    I bet anything that she is his year’s Jenna, just wait and see…

    A few standouts of the night for me, good and bad…

    Ballet – Easily the disappointment of the night. And I *like* ballet, and
    Tchaikovsky, so this should have been total win for me, but just wasn’t.
    Admittedly, from the start, I was disappointed that one of Jourdain & Jacque
    (I had seen the names for the pairs before the show) didn’t turn out to be
    a guy, but I was ready to see what they did with the 2 ballerinas… Bleah.
    The choreo… sure it was difficult, but I wanted more than just difficulty.
    It felt like Russian ballet ogre decided neither was good enough to be principal,
    so just stuck them both in the corps. Okay, that’s probably not what he had in mind,
    but honestly the whole time I really did feel like I was just watching the corps,
    just with camera positioned to show only 2 of the corps. And think of watching
    any ballet with just the corps and no featured dancers and how blah that would be
    no matter how much one might appreciate ballet in general; that’s what this was like.
    And then with the execution problems too… Sigh, just sad.

    (…by the way, on telling them apart, ridic… they didn’t even caption who was
    who during the stupid “8 second” bit. And height didn’t help much since they failed
    to always hold their releves the same, plus they changed position a couple of times.
    I finally resorted to skin tone of all things, figured who was who from the judges’
    feedback segment, then went back and rewatched the dance… It seems Jourdain was
    the paler one, who spent the most time on (our) right, and had the most struggles
    with the falling off box and out of turns and such. Jacque did better,
    although she didn’t really excite me either.)

    Emilio & Teddy – loved this… Some of the hiphop-with-props routines we have
    had over the years have come off really cheesy and amateaurish, but I just loved
    this one. And I wasn’t coming in already a huge fan of Emilio like you were PM.
    But here, I felt like I was watching something that could have been the music
    video for the song, a true performance rather than just a “competition routine”.
    They just worked so well with each other, perfectly in sync where needed,
    playing off each other where appropriate, and while not a “big” story like
    sometimes attempted, the “little” story about 2 buddies goofing around and
    having a little fun on their night shift was perfectly told. Made me smile!

    Ricky & Jessica – what else can I say that hasn’t already been said, just wow.
    Oh, and thanks much to commenter who said Ricky was from Stars with Victor & Angel.
    I recognized Cristina (in the auditions) as being from Stars just because I used to
    read her blog, didn’t know Ricky was from there too, so that was a fun fact for me.

    PM, sounds like you are having quite the summer, hoping things start looking up…

  • sagittariuskim
  • I was very disappointed in the two ballerinas. I was really looking forward to great things from them, but alas…it is not to be. My early picks are Stanley, Jessica and Ricky. I can’t stand Tanisha. I wasn’t a fan from her first audition, and when I saw her during LA week, I really didn’t understand how she even made it through, other than her being Nigel boner-worthy.

    I’m still mad they sent Ja Ja home, but I’m happy that Emilio is on. Teddy can leave now. I’m not sure yet if there will be a couple this year on FA or JA level, but we can hope.

  • sagittariuskim

    Yay! A 2 hour dance show with only 20 mins, of dancing, That Nigel sure knows what viewers want. I was kinda bored by this episode. It felt like there was way more filler than usual.

    I didn’t like the switch. If they wanted to showcase the dancers in their own style, they should have did a separate episode like last season. Or put them in groups and let them dance in their style the first hour. And the 2nd hour pair them with their actual partners and they dance other styles.

    I liked the dances with Stanley and Ricky (?). The hip hop was good, but I’m not a fan of Christopher Scott’s duets. They’re never as strong as his group dances.

    I know nothing about ballet, and even I noticed that one girl falling out of her turns.