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Lying and deceit are my stock in trade. Not only am I English, but I'm incredibly sexy too. I'm an atheist who works in marketing, so its a good job I'm an atheist. I've gone freelance again, despite the fact that the last time I tried that I nearly starved to death. So in about three weeks, that guy at the bins, that'll be me. Check out my occasional Blog at www.redmeph.com
  • cattyfan

    When they have the ousted chefs return for a shot at coming back in, Francis B. will “redeem” himself. Wait for it.

  • Redmeph

    JimBob, I miss Hooch too. Best Masterchef contestant ever. Much as I hate Glee I think your comparison is almost perfectly apposite. Except I think she knows damn well what she’s up to.

    As to the whole egg roll/ pancake roll/spring roll thing – those rolls, in the form that exists in most takeaways now, were created as a fusion of local cuisine and Chinese influence – it certainly isn’t pure Chinese. But the same is true today for Italian Cuisine for instance – American Italian dishes are different to English Italian dishes, and certainly are not the same as Italian dishes.

    The point being, as a cuisine moves, it changes. It is almost certain there is no Italian restaurant in America or Britain that serves identical food to an Italian equivalent because the food changes – the addition of peas to many dishes being one pointer. Chicken Tikka Masala, used in Masterchef S3 as an Indian dish is nothing of the sort. It was invented in Scotland. Chicken Vindaloo is a Portuguese dish(with Indian influences). And most ‘Indian’ menus in Britain are in fact Pakistani or Bangladheshi, and nowawadays Persian too. Which I’m very happy about as I like eating spicy food! So food ‘purity’ of recipe I’m not a fan of.

    Dan Wu admitted he hadn’t cooked them before by saying ‘I’ve cooked Wonton’s and dumplings before’ which aren’t quite the same. Similar, but clearly he got pushed into the ‘I’m the one to beat’ rubbish as he had never made Spring rolls before (or egg rolls). He got hosed on that point, but he is still a slacker.

    I like Cutter more. That’s really the short answer.

  • JimbobJones

    @ChaosButterfly — Courtney seems to have based herself on Rachel from Glee. The “Almost Villain” who isn’t trying to be bad, but is just arrogant and clueless enough to not know she’s being an asshole. I keep expecting her to whine that Jaimee got the solo and not her.

  • JimbobJones

    My problem this season… no Hooch. There isn’t even really a KindaHooch. I was hopeful early on with Jaimee (mostly based on how she talks) and Elise and her pie obsession, but they both turned out to be nice.

    Where’s the big bag of crazy, Fox!?!?

  • Chaosbutterfly

    I was kind of annoyed that they kept insisting that Dan should be the egg roll master, but to be fair, he has mainly produced asian food in the challenges and he himself was talking about “I’m the one to beat”. So he set himself up for that one.
    If it had been me, I would have played the Just cuz I’m asian doesn’t mean I make egg rolls card from the jump, but hey…that’s just me.

    And I have to disagree that Courtney is anything like Natasha. Natasha was a conceited bitch and she never tried to hide that. From day one she was like hey I’m a raging bitch but I can cook so move out my way. I didn’t like her, but I came to have a grudging respect for her realness and her cooking ability. Plus her hair was banging and her baby was cute as fuck.
    Courtney doesn’t have a cute baby or banging hair. She has her ridiculous heels, a bad habit of humble-bragging, and this aura of fakery that pervades her every being.
    May I also note that Natasha also wore heels in the kitchen and it was never fussed about to the extent that Courtney’s heels are.
    It’s not like she has a twin set of Holy Grails strapped to her feet. They’re heels. Millions of women around the world wear them. She’s not that special.

    This elimination was a sham and a lie.
    Cutter has been circling the drain for a long-ass time, and I really don’t see him doing any better. At least Francis B. made some good stuff and has demonstrated strong leadership qualities in the team challenge.Cutter hasn’t done anything but be annoying. Dan Wu was definitely to blame for the fuckery in the pantry, but instead of freaking out, Cutter should have taken control of the situation and moved forward. He went right along with Dan’s shutdown and then acted like a baby in front of the judges, tantruming and blaming Dan for the whole thing. Foolishness.
    The best thing that could happen is for Cutter and Elise to be eliminated at the same time.

    Malibu is an assfuck, but his saving grace is that he has a good strategy for getting along with people in team challenges. He just rolls over and lets them do whatever they want to do.
    I wonder if that is also the basis for his relationship with his wife.

  • churble

    You know, while Courtney is very obviously kind of a bitch, I don’t know if she’s as bad as people are saying. I think she’s trying to play it like Natasha from last season, and I think she’s doing a decent impression.

    Christian and Francis B’s dish didn’t look that bad, it just looked like something I could make pretty easily at home but wouldn’t because it’d take too long and why not just have steak and call it a day? And I completely agree about Cutter and Dan, as soon as they showed the finished plate my first thought was “oh they screwed up, the judges will hate that” and my immediate second thought was “I’d eat it, I love both of those things, I’m even cool with tiny carrots.”

    Every time someone mentioned that Dan should have no problem with the spring rolls because he’s from China it made me wonder, do people really think that’s all it takes? Even if you love to cook it doesn’t mean you learned to make regional foods perfectly. I was born and raised in Kentucky and I’m totally willing to admit, my fried chicken is sub par, I couldn’t begin to tell you what’s even IN a Derby pie, and I’ve never attempted to make a hot brown because I think they’re kind of gross. However, I can make a saag paneer that’d blow your socks off. Most people I know learn to cook the food they love, not the food that they could get easily from 100 places near their house.

  • 1) Great recap! I enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy watching it, sometimes more!

    2) Malibu and the Teenager – I struggle here. Yay for them getting along, and as far as the name thing goes, I have a SERIOUS issue with saying people’s names right. I’m a nice person. I’m pretty well educated. But if I have messed up a name in the past, EVERY TIME I have to say it – I second guess myself in my head. I go back and forth between the two (or more) pronunciations until I can’t remember which is correct and which is wrong. I make a fool of myself. EVERY SINGLE TIME. And, it’s never my “difficult” friends names like Youssef, it’s always like “McKinley”. “Mah-Kinley?” “Mac-Inley?” “MAC-KINLEY?”

    3) Andyourlittledogtoo – I COMPLETELY agree about the stupid shoes on Courtney. It’s weird and freaky. I don’t care about her funky heels and toes. Especially not when we are talking about FOOD.

    4) Pro-Cutter on the argument, however, he should have been smart enough to just GRAB stuff while talking. Or stop talking and just GRAB stuff. You have to have ingredients to make a dish. Any dish.

    5) It was time for Francis B to go home. I wish they would have sent Dan and his pitiful “spring” (not spring) rolls out,too. Stop telling us “at least” one person will go home, unless you actually send two home at some point. (OH! I’ve got an idea, just forget the pressure test next week and send the entire losing team home! Unless that saves Courtney and her shoes. Her shoes and her need to go.)

    I’m having trouble even picking ponies this season (and half of them are gone).

  • andyourlittledogtoo

    Those weren’t spring rolls! Gah! They were egg rolls. They clearly used egg in their batter. Spring rolls don’t use egg in the batter and fry up much thinner and crispier, no bumps. I can’t believe the masters didn’t get at least that right.

    Who is the master with the foot fetish do you think? Courtney’s shoes and feet, and the long shots of them by cameramen, have become a show of their own at this point. It’s the most annoying thing about this entire season. Blegh.

    I come down on the side of Cutter on the Dan-Cutter fiasco. Cutter was a jerk about it all, but Dan was passive and rigid about his non-cooperation on the task. They should have just grabbed crap willy-nilly though, so they’d have something to work with instead of coming up empty like that. That’s on both of them.

    Sorry to see Francis B go. I liked him. Courtney can take her shoes and walk out at any time now. She won’t though. She’s got the magic producer mojo.

    Great recap! Thanks for posting it so soon.

  • No, I’m just glad to see you

    So, in order to work peacefully and successfully with a teenager you need only let them have their way. Who knew? Elise set a speed record taking credit for the idea of their dish. Clearly insecure and needing to prove herself to the judges. I’ve always thought she is over her head in this competition.