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  • wcsdancer

    Well, Sarah started out with “Date Night” being her POV, switched to “Texas”, and moved on to “Baby Food”. So yeah, I can see why folks are critical.

  • Chaosbutterfly

    @Chris Velazquez, I thought Sarah was pretty clear on what she was doing too. She said loud and clear that she was making baby food using Texan flavors. Except for the coconut milk, beans and lime are definitely ingredients that I would associate with Texan food, especially the further towards the Mexican border you get. I was so confused when Susie said that she didn’t see what baby food had to do with Texas. Because apparently, Texan babies don’t eat.
    Not a big fan of Sarah but I did think her baby food was a cool idea, especially because I think it’s a great move to feed babies unusual flavors and foods.

    Poor Ruben, but he definitely screwed himself on that one. There were a lot of things he could have done with that set. He could have claimed the moon in the name of Miami, and then celebrated with his favorite hot sauce. Or he could have talked while moon-strolling over to the product, instead of cutting out all movement in favor of talking. Astronauts walk and talk all the damn time. He was just being lazy and defeatist, and for that, he deserved to go.

    Everyone who screwed up was lazy and defeatist, actually. Lenny’s looked like one of those horrible loan agency commercials that come on during Maury and Jerry Springer. All folderol and foolishness.
    And Chris. He just stood there, breathing heavily.
    The fuck.
    I don’t know what is up with this season. Maybe it will be the last one, because this shit is a train wreck.

  • AmberAtkins

    Yeah the majority of ‘gossip’ I found was nigella is a coke head and giada sleeps with anything that moves

  • AmberAtkins

    I am wildly attracted to Ruben for some reason. Not my type at all. I think it was the home made hot sauce. I watch some cooking tv and would have loved a spicy Cuban show. I wish I could remember enough to find the link, but there was a gossip item a year or so ago about an assistant to someone who ended up on food network star (if it was here and old news I apologize) but it was basically that these contestants are scouted a la big brother and survivor, and the cook scouted was guaranteed final 6 or something. I’m gonna look for it.

  • Chris Velazquez

    Wait, wait, wait, hold the hell up. How did Sarah “change” her point of view again by making baby food? And even Susie was confused about it. Am I the only one not confused by her decision in this episode at all? She made baby food with Texas flavors, in a smart way at that, making them mild enough for a baby. So, she kept to her Texas theme and went with making baby food here. What, babies can’t eat? Or, if we go the “Susie was confused” route, does she think babies can’t eat regional food?

  • The Critic

    I think these little challenges are stupid. Let them cook, let them talk about their food in the kitchen or farmers market or whatever. Give them realistic challenges so you realistically see how they will realistically be on TV! (extra “realistics” added for emphasis)

    Loreal got seriously lucky with that tomato background.

    I was ok with Reuben leaving but I just wish he had taken Crazy Eyes with him.

    I felt a little bit sorry for Lenny at the Great Wall. That seemed like a really tough one. Yeah he’s cheesy but I still like him. And Emma too. But that’s about it.

  • Merry

    We’ve put up with a lot of crap from this show, but I’m officially calling shenanigans now. In what f*cked-up universe are contestants forced to come up with personal brands and then saddled with commercial settings that have zero connection to that brand? And never, NEVER, would the talent in a commercial be allowed to make up the script! I can get behind the idea of coming up with a product and a package, but the rest of the challenge was stupid. Is this “Ad Agency Star” now?

    They’re going to regret canning Ruben, mark my words. He was cute and he had a brand that made sense. Sarah is on my last nerve, has changed her brand three times (and none of them work) and her food does not impress. Maybe the bouncy, smiley fakeness is leftover from pageants, but I just hope to heaven she’s not really like that off-camera. Exhausting!