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Pope Philly

  • melange

    I’m sure Dead Eric will make another appearance in the Men Tell All episode.

  • itchy

    To her credit, Andi’s first reaction was to think about the guy’s family. For the rest, well, the show IS all about her, so I don’t blame her for speaking about her feelings. Besides, I’m sure production prompted most of it. They definitely slurped up this ratings bonanza. No doubt we’ll have to sit through yet another rehashing of Dead Nick’s Journey (TM) in the After the Final Rose segment.

  • Lilo

    Loved it that Chris made it to hometowns. I’ve been waiting for the Bachelor/ette to go to a small town. And Andi sitting on his lap…….. can’t remember any other time where a contestant got the Bachelorette to sit on their lap (obviously, fantasy suites don’t count in this comment….wink,wink.)